Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Short week...RaNdOm ThOuGhTs...

This week I got to have Monday off (thank you to all who are serving and all of the spouses out there willing to give up their other half for our country) and this Friday I am leaving to go visit my Mom! Yay! Should be a good trip. It's been a long while since just the two of us have gotten to spend time together. J keeps asking me if I can just stop on over in Pensacola... I WISH!! 

I keep thinking about our future together and I wish that God would just give me a peek at what's a head. I wish that I knew where we were going to be stationed and if he was going to be deployed right away. I wish that I knew what it is going to be like living with other military families. I hope that I will make lots of new *good* friends. I guess that at this point and all points really...I need to just trust in God. And trust that He knows the way and even though he's not sharing the map he is a much better navigator than I am and I am a sucky navigator...ask my hubs!

I have been doing a little blog surfing lately....and everyone has such cute blogs!!! And cute buttons! Hmm... Maybe I need to jump on the bandwagon. I am so techno-loserish I would definitely have to buy one. My blog design kind of annoys me. It feels like every few weeks something weird will happen and I can't post correctly and then I have to change my blog template. Annoying. Also, did you know that there are so many freakin blogs out there?!?! Holy Mackerel. So many great blogs. Seriously, I feel a little like a stalker, finding all of the random people's blogs and wanting to comment on them. 

Sorry about the random wanderings of my mind... It's a little bit of an ADD place in there. =)

Love ya!

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Amanda said...

Thanks for the tip! And I definitely know what you mean! I can't wait to know where we are going and when.