Sunday, June 20, 2010

On my mind...

Totally random, but this has been on my mind and I have been stalking some of your blogs. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but for me this blog is like my journal. My very public journal where lovely ladies leave me amazing comments and awesome advice. And the reason that I mention this is because I really don't have a direction on where this blog might be going. Actually I do know where it is going, and that is wherever my life takes me. Just so y'all know! =)

And because I get to talk about whatever tickles my fancy, I am going to talk some more about Washington. I know that WA is where my hubs and I are supposed to be. I know that J felt called to go there. And I know that as soon as we are moved there and I have a job and life is semi normal-ish I will probably LOVE being there. But right now, all I am really thinking about is: rain, scary looking apartment, rain, will our dogs be able to come with us, rain, will I find a job (or two) that pays similar to what I make now, rain, umm....taking a ferry? Scares me a little...don't know why, rain, and how the heck will I not get lost? I  get lost in Portland with GPS. I am an amazing navigator by the way. (Um...that might have been a lie.)

I promise you guys (uh gals!) that I am not Debbie Downer, Negative Nelly or any other loser like that. But I think I just need to talk myself into this one. I am STOKED to see and be with my hubs. I would follow him anywhere. Like Alaska. Or Guam (where he actually really wants to go and live). And I know once I am there I will be happy about it. Maybe it's just the anticipation that is getting to me. Or the fact that I have lived in the same valley for all of my 23 years. I think this first move will be the hardest. 

Whew....I think I just needed to get that all out. This may or may not be my last post about "moving to WA fears" but at least for now... I promise to do my best to see the glass half full with this one. Man I am being a complainer! SORRY! 

On a happier note, Bob "Barker" my chubby wiener dog has gone on several walks since his abscess incident with no limping afterwards. I am thinking he can move on up longer walks! Also, my chetl'u and I have been hiking the last two saturdays. Can I just say how blessed I am to have such an amazing sister-in-law. She is a wonderful mother, wife, and career-woman. She does it all and I strive to be like her when I have my own little chicks.

Um...this is turning into a novel. Thanks for listening, if you made it down this far. 

Love to my homies!


Amanda said...

The first move is the hardest my friend. But I am here, and I understand EXACTLY(ok, thats a lie, I am not a MILwife) where you are. You can always talk to me and I LOVE YOU

L said...

So true tho! You do understand that whole starting over thing. And we have both lived in the same place FOREVER. And it's freakin SCARY. (uhhhh....I may or may not have had a slight panic attack..that we are not telling J about.) =) Love you friend!

Amanda said...

I STILL have panic attacks. And It has been about a year. I (may or may not have had a few drinks a week or so ago and) said to Jeremy while laughing uncontrollably: DO I REALLY FREAKING LIVE HERE?!?!?!?! I quickly then realized I was going nowhere good with that conversation and went to bed. Lol

Amanda said...

omg!! you definitely HAVE to read them!!
I'm afraid to say that I haven't read Pride and Prejudice. :/ Honestly, I have a hard time with the classics, it's not the language or anything, I just often find them, dare I say it, boring! Although, I have been thinking about trying Pride and Prejudice as well as Sense and Sensibility (I just LOVE the movie!). Let me know how it works out for you! :)
I really hope you have a great week!

Samantha said...

I totally understand how you feel... I felt the same way before moving here (which was our first move together). I still haven't found a good job, but I guess some things happen faster than others!

Meesh said...

NEVER apologize for venting! Especially on your own blog! That's what its there for :)

Mrs. Wifey said...

Oh dear, plese done apologize and you are not Debbie Downer. Well, look at it this way, he is not going to Afghanistan and you are not going to be apart. And you will find a job, if you look for one.

Take it as an opportunity to experience other places, and see the world. Some people never get that chance to live in those places. ANd thats the beauty of the Army, it takes you places.

I hope everything works out honey, I want to see you happy!

Musings Of An Army Wife

L said...

So So SO true! At this point we don't know when he is deploying and we will just cross that bridge when we come to it. I need to be counting my blessings and let God work all the rest out.

Thanks ladies! I appreciate all your support!

Amanda C. - I will be picking up a copy and reading them this summer! YAY for new (to me) books!