Monday, May 31, 2010

Does this ever get any easier? I feel like even with all the technology in the world, skype, email, phones and text messaging, I feel like half my heart is missing. Seeing my husband makes me miss him a little more, if that makes sense. I wish that he was there, relaxing with me, chatting with me, living our lives. 

I know that this is a decision that we both made. We chose the Navy and this is the life we wanted to have. This doesn't make it easier. What does make it a little easier is that I know that God has a plan for us. I know that this is apart of the plan and that it is making our relationship stronger and making us lean on Him more. 

Generally I am a super happy, see the bright side in everything, glass is totally half full kind of person. There is something about this blog that makes me feel like I can vent all of my sad feelings. I am still a happy person. Maybe next time I will blog about how freakin happy I am and how being away from my husband makes me very happy (not.)

Well I am off now. Off to skype with my hubs and miss him a little more. I love that boy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taking off my Grumpy Pants...

Putting on my Happy Pants.

Today, or more officially this morning, I remembered that I get to choose my attitude. And yesterday my attitude was sucky. So today, I made a conscious effort to be nice to others and be happy even when those around me were stuck in a bad mood. I tried to use my good mood to lift the spirits of others and even was told my lovely co-worker that I was sickeningly happy that she might up-chuck. =) I think she meant that lovingly... I hope! And maybe because of my good mood, the day went by FAST. And I got an awesome surprise...

J sent me a dozen red roses to work. ::SWOON:: Seriously? I love this man. I may have the best husband ever. Surprising me with flowers? I feel like we are dating again. How awesome is that?! 

For the rest of this week, I am going to make an effort to put on my happy pants every morning before I get to work.  I am going to try to use my words and my personality to lift the spirits of others and not be discouraged when they continue to be Negative Nelly's. Who really want's to surround themselves with bad attitudes all the time? I'll pass on that one! 

Thank you to all the lovelies for you comments on yesterday's post. I was really in a slump and your positive words were amazing. This lil community we have on here is pretty awesome! I hope that one day we will actually be on the same base as a few of you so we can meet. A girl can hope!!!

Peace out G's!

P.S. In an effort to add a little color to this post, I googled "happy pants." Ummm....There is a lot of cartoons with "happiness" in their pants. AWKWARD!!! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today my Dwarf name might be Grumpy...

If my co-worker tells one more person (that she doesn't really know) that she and her husband are trying to get pregnant I might scream. Seriously? How do you work that into everyday conversation? To be honest, I find it a little creepy. Talking to almost strangers about life... Maybe it's just me that finds that weird. 

Most days I feel like the things that annoy me about my co-workers just kinda roll off my back. I don't really notice them or I just ignore them a little. The more my husband is gone and the more I find myself annoyed with the things that they do. I have a co-worker who sometimes "picks" at the things that I am wearing. Like if she doesn't like my hair, she will mention it. Or maybe she wouldn't wear a necklace that I have on she will let me know. Really? Thank you for pointing out the things you don't like about me!!! Are you jealous? Maybe. But it doesn't make me want to be nice to you! It actually makes me want to strangle you a little bit. 

Ugh... And I am a little bit (inwardly) grumpy about Husband's new facebook friend. He got a (sweet!) tattoo over the weekend and she became his facebook friend so she could show his the tattoo parlor's facebook page (?). And now she is his biggest fan. I am annoyed by all of her comments. I am jealous. Well, maybe I am jealous. I want to be in Florida. But not jealous of her. Cause I'm amazing. Or at least that's what J tells me! But she is annoying me. She has a little crush on my hubs and I am annoyed by her. 

Man! I need to cheer up! All these little things are weighing me down. Maybe a little girl time this weekend will be just what the doctor ordered. The message from church this weekend seems to be a little too fitting for me. Matthew 5:9 God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called children of God. I am pretty sure that this is all an opportunity for me to work towards peace, choose to be peace-filled, and empathize with others. I am sucking a little at being peace-filled. Gonna be working on it some more. 

Ugh... Gonna go work on it. 


P. S. Here is a picture of Husband's latest ink:

Monday, May 24, 2010

What I Would Give...

To have you here right now. Especially when I am feeling a little icky. All I really want is for a foot rub and some Campbells chicken noodle soup. And my hubs. That would fix me right up. But I will settle for a very sweet phone call and you wishing you could be here with me. 


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bloggity Blog Questions

Yo yo yo, my lovelies! So I am the first to confess that I am a techno-loser. With that in mind, I have a few questions that I am going to throw out there and see if I can get some techno-help. 

I see all of your lovely blog titles out there, and they are so COOL! How did you make them? And, I love all your signatures...How do you make those? 
Now this is not technology related, but it is military related so I am going to throw it out there. 

Where I live there is a stigma about military wives. The stigma is that they are a whole bunch of lying, cheating, jerk faces. Obviously this is a stereotype and not every wife is like this but I have never lived on a base and I don't know what the people are like on base. I have known some military wives that were jerk faces to their husbands. And I don't want to be like that for one. And for two I don't want to be around those type of people. What have your experiences been? Are the other military wives really like this? Or is this just a perception that is incorrect? I don't want to believe the worst in people without meeting them first but it is something that has been weighing on my mind. 

Hopefully I didn't offend anyone out there! You know I love ya!

Love ,

P.S. I added my e-mail address!!! Thank you for suggesting it Riding The Roller Coaster!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting to know...

Thank you to Amanda over at Trying My Best to be a Proverbs 31 Woman. A little get to know you marriage questionnaire for an otherwise boring (at least for me!) Thursday. Thanks Amanda!

How long have you been married?

2 years, a few days ago!

Is this your first marriage?

Yes! First and last!

Is it how you imagined it would be?

So much better. It’s like having a sleep over with your best friend every day.

What would you change?

Nothing so far. We are still figuring out a lot of things as I am sure we will continue to do for the rest of our lives. What fun would it be if we didn’t make a few mistakes along the way?

Are you married to your soulmate?

I truly believe so. I wouldn’t have guessed it while we were in high school but I truly believe J was the mad made especially for me.

What do you argue about the most?

Hmm… chores, money, video games, me reading… We bicker =)

What do you see eye to eye on the most?

The basics that make us who we are. Religion, values, major goals.

Where did you meet your spouse?

High school.

Where was your first date?

I can’t really remember! I know that he would. I think we went our for ice cream though?

Where were you when you became engaged?

It may be cheesy or weird or stupid to others, but he proposed to me while I was at work (Dutch Bros). He came thru the drive thru and brought me flowers. I asked him to pull forward so I could give him a hug, and he rolled up his window and it had the words “Will you marry me” written on it. He was sitting behind it with the ring box open and a silly grin on his face. So perfect for us! His brother and sister in law were across the street with binoculars watching the whole thing!

Did you live together before Marriage?

Sort of, not really. We bought a house about 6 months before we got married. He still lived with his parents while I lived in our house. He was there a lot though. But didn’t really move in until after we were married.

What was your wedding song?

The way I am, by Ingrid Michaelson.

Who was in your wedding party?

My sister-in-law was my matron of honor (who had my niece 3 days later! SUPERWOMAN!), my two best friends from high school, and my best friend from after high school. J had his brother, and three best friends from forever ago.

Do you get along with the in-laws?

Yes. I am thankful to have a wonderful relationship with my in-laws. J would say the same thing. We are blessed!

Whats your view on Children?
?? We want them. They are germ bags! =) I mean that in the nicest way possible. All you moms out there know it’s true!

Does your spouse feel the same way?

He is going to be an amazing dad. He is so good with kids and can’t wait for us to have some!

Are you a 2 peas in a pod or opposites attract couple?

We started out as opposites attract. I would now say we are closer to 2 peas in a pod. We have both grown closer to each other without forcing the other to conform to their beliefs. And we love to do everything together!

Do you go out without your spouse?

Yep, sure do. I love my girls nights!

How long are you away from your spouse before you start to miss him/her?

I am getting more used to it. But I miss him before he is even gone.

Have you ever compared your spouse to someone you have dated in the past?

I think it’s natural to compare people, but I have NEVER wished that my hubs was more like someone I dated in the past. A fictional character, maybe….But those men are made up anyway.

Do you trust your Spouse?


Does your Spouse trust you?


How well do you know your spouse’s favorites?

Pretty well, I suppose!

How well does your spouse know your favorites?

Sometimes better than I know myself!

Do you get along with your spouse’s friends?

Pretty darn well. I can’t think of anyone of his friends that I don’t like.

Does your spouse get along with your friends?

As good as can be expected. He loves them all like sisters, but will clear out of the room when we get to girl talking. =)

Did you go on a honeymoon?

Yes. Maui. My favorite place in the whole world.

Do you watch the same TV shows?

For the most part. There are some shows that I like that he could do without, but we mostly watch the same things.

Can you agree on Pizza toppings?

Yep. We agree that we pretty much love pizza!!!!

Who takes out the trash?

He should! But sometimes I do it too…

Who does laundry?

He refuses to wash my clothes…. And I appreciate that!! I will not wash his clothes if they are not in the hamper. I may be washing his clothes, but I am not his maid!!

Who is the first one to wake up in the morning?

He is. And he is always happy! Me…not so much.

Do you have any traditions?

Friday night dates on the couch…. Ah-mazing. We are still creating our own.

Is there anyone in your spouse’s family that you can’t stand?

Nope. Love them all. Sometimes there are a few that can get on my nerves, but that’s any family. Or friend for that matter!

Anyone in your spouse’s family you adore?

Love them all!!! And he loves mine. We have it good!!!

Do you know your spouse’s passwords/pins?

Yep. And if he doesn’t know mine than it’s because he hasn’t memorized it. Or he has his own card. Everything we have is joint. I prefer it that way.

Does your spouse know your social security number?

Hmmm…. He should!!!

Do you ever nag your spouse?

Yep. Sure do. But boy am I wishing I spend more time cuddling on the couch with him than nagging him to help me clean. Hind sight is 20/20. I sure do miss our cuddles on the couch right about now!

Do you admit wrong doing?
Yep. Hard as it is.
Does your spouse?

Yep. And I am sure it is hard for him as well! It’s always hard to eat some humble pie. =)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is our two year anniversary. And, sadly, not the first event I have spent away from my hubs. Third event in in just over two months. First the hubs birthday, then Easter, now our anniversary. As all you mil spouses out there can tell me, these won't be the last. I am thankful that we were able to celebrate these events before he left but I still missed him then, and I'm missing him now.

I am reminiscing a little about our wedding day. Two years ago, it was 105 degrees outside and I thought I might pass out from the heat. Today, it is raining cats and dogs and is about 55 degrees outside. Thankful I had the heat!!! Our song is The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson. Listening to that right now, makes me tear up a little. One of my favorite memories from our wedding was walking out to Auntie singing this song for us. I arrived at the end of the aisle when she sang the words "I'll buy you rogain, when you start losing all your hair." We couldn't contain our giggles. My poor hubby has had a receding hair line since junior year. Good thing he's a hottie with a shaved head! That will always be one of my favorite unplanned memories of our wedding day. =)

This is our love story, and I would do it again in a heartbeat, knowing that he will spend a lot of our life away from me. I am missing my other half a little extra today. Love that man!

Love and God Bless,

P.S. Sorry about the weird size of the font lately! It seems like every thing is either too big or too small and nothing is just quite right. I'll be working on it!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Bob...

J and I have two dogs. Doc and Bob. Doc is "hubby's dog" and Bob is "my dog." Doc is perfect. A gorgeous yellow lab. Bob is a wiener mix with issues. And boy does my dog have issues. 
First off he was diagnosed with an auto immune disease about a year ago. For awhile there it was touch and go. He had a 50/50 chance of living at that point. Obviously he is still alive, but he still has issues from that now. He is on a steroid medicine that he will take for the rest of his life. This makes him gives him some odd side effects. He obsessively licks things. Everything. The carpet, the couch, the wood floors, the blanket, you name it he probably licks it. 
Any why, getting to the point of my story here, Bob is having issues again. A few weeks ago, Bob started limping. He started about a day after a long walk he went on. The first day it wasn't so bad, just a little limp. The second day he could hardly walk on it. It was red, swollen, and just plain ugly. Plus he was licking it all the time. Great. After a few days of it not getting better, I took him to the vet. There was nothing in his paw, it wasn't cut, it was basically just infected for whatever reason. So tons of antibiotics later, his paw is back to normal. 
Now Thursday, Bob goes on a little walk again. Friday he is limping again, Saturday it is a full blown can't walk on it mess. And his paw is ANGRY red. Sunday, not only is it ANGRY red, but it bursts. Blood and gush and nasty-ness. And I am freaking out. Thank God for J's parents because I was a mess. Not only can I hardly handle blood, but I am freaking out because J isn't here to help me take care of Bob, and what if he dies, and OMG what the freaking heck is always wrong with my freaking dog. Some blood, gush, gauze, bloodied socks later I have a much happier dog. I will be taking him to the vet tomorrow. For right now, I have what I am calling my wienie wrap. =) Here are some pictures.

 Poor Bobble Wobble...Hopefully we are over all of his issues. I am not sure how much more of this I can handle all on my own!



P.S. Thank you MP for being my on-call vet! Some wrap and antiseptic spray later, he seems to be doing alright. Love ya!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things that I love!!!

I am feeling pretty grateful these days so I thought I might share what's been on my heart lately that has been making it feel so full.

1) My lovely husband. He has been calling every night. It feels like we are dating again. And that has been YEARS. He is pretty much amazing. 

2) My friend MP turned me onto Aveeno. For some reason my face decides to become allergic to things after about 2 months. Here's to hoping Aveeno stays around for a long time! So far so good, but it's only been about two weeks. 

2) Bare Minerals. Again, MP turned me on to this along with my MoLaw and one of my Aunties. AMAZING. Totally worth the money. It is pretty much the best makeup I have EVER put on my face. 

3) My family. My whole kit and kaboodle family. I know they are all thinking about J and I, and they are praying for us. They are all helping me get thru this time with out J and I am so appreciative of them. Right now I am not so great at answering phone calls or keeping in touch, but they love me anyway. Thank you!!

4) My MacBook. Hubs bought this for me for our Anniversary (only a few days away!) It's pretty much amazing! Even though I can't figure out how to use it half the time. In love!!

I am so blessed!!! 


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweet Blogger Award

My first blogger award!!! Whoop Whoop! Both Diary of a Navy Wife and Kaylee at Small Wonders think that I have a sweet blog. Aww... You like me, you really like me!! =) So the rules are of the Sweet Blogger award is to award 10 other blogs I like to read. So here they are, in no particular order. 

1) Amanda @ Our Life 
2) Amber @ Goodnight Moon
3) Mrs. G.I. Joe @ACU's, Stiletto Shoes, and Pink Tutu's 
4) Christina @ Married to a Sailor
5) Kait @ My Crazy, Unpredictable Life
6) Trying My Best To Be A Proverbs 31 Woman
7)Brittany @ A Day in the Life of a Navy Wife
8) Mrs. Gambizzle @ Life as a Sailor's Girl
9) Sarah @ Diary of a Navy Wife
10) Kaylee @ Small Wonders

Thank you for reading my blog y'all!! It's great getting to know you all and just having a place to vent my feelings. WORD!!!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Holy Moly!

A School is already shaping up to be way more fun that boot camp! I got a phone call from J at 1am last night while J was at the airport, another phone call at 6pm when I was getting off work and then a third call at about 8:30 pm. Holy cow! We go from practically no contact to tons of phone calls. This wifey is lovin' it!! 

So far the plan for this week is overnight J's cell phone, get his clothes out of storage to send to him, get flat rate boxes to ship clothes, shoes, and his computer to him, and get him some cash. Whew! Puttin it on my To Do List. 

On a little bit of a sad note, I am getting my first introduction into "the life of a military wife." My hubs told me that his school won't start for a few months. Maybe two or three. So by my best guess, hubs will be out of school in mmmmm.....4 months. Give or take a few weeks. Or months. I am trying to keep a positive attitude about this. I like to think of the glass as half full, so even though we will be apart longer, this will give us more time to save money. Plus I get to keep my job for longer. Be in my friends wedding and go to all of her parties with out having to fly into town. Also, this will strengthen my relationship with J and make me lean more heavily on God. All things work together for the good of those who serve Him. And He (God) knows the plans, so I'm just gonna go along for the ride. 

*I know there are a lot of Mil Wives out there who are thinking, 4 months? Big freakin deal. And I will tell you I agree with you. I do know that there are so many other ladies out there who go without their hubs for a million times longer. And I feel for you. And I am sorry if it annoys you that I am complaining about 4 months. But this is my life, and I miss my hubs. So complain a little I will. Feel free to not read this blog if it ticks you off =)*

Thank you ladies for praying for safety for our trip. Not only was it FREAKIN WONDERFUL but the flights were fantastic, and it was pretty much smooth sailing the whole time. We were feelin the prayers!

Love and God Bless,

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bye Bye Bye

What a GREAT weekend!!!! Hmm... Lets recap it:

Wednesday: Drive to Portland, drink wine with MoLaw, and sleep. 

Thursday: Get up early, drink bad coffee at hotel, get thru airport security, sit at Starbucks and enjoy the amazingness I call coffee. Board plane, fly to O'Hare, check in, eat yummy burgers (Ram's! It's amazing!), go to bed (yeah right! Too excited to sleep!)

Friday: Wake up super early, get to base at about 6-ish before the gates open to make sure we will make it. Sit down and wait for the ceremony to start. Sit next to annoying fiancĂ© who talks REALLY loud about how her fiancĂ© proposed to her in a letter from boot camp. People watch, drink coffee, wait for graduation to begin. Squeal REALLY loud when I see hubs come out(Oh yea, it was embarrassing). Race down the bleachers with MoLaw and take pictures the whole time he is down there. Watch graduation. After graduation is over go to designated meeting spot. South side under the flags. Hublet fails to mention that there are flags covering three sides of the room and I fail navigation-ally. Stand on the side we last saw him and wait. FINALLY see husband and give him the biggest hug EVER. Don't want to let go. Finally give him up so he can hug his parents. Snap lots of pictures. Leave the base for the hotel, have some alone time, talk and get coffee. Head to Chicago to walk around. Pray with a homeless former marine on the side walk (without getting robbed or pick-pocketed). Take lots of pictures, get coffee, head back to the hotel. Lay on the couch with the hubs rubbing my feet catching up on life (our favorite moment of the weekend), head to Ram's for dinner. Bring hubs back to base and leave him for the night. 

Saturday: Pick up the hubs, get there early enough to see them march out and hear them sing, head to hotel to hang out, drink coffee and just be with each other. Meet some friends of J's parents for lunch, go shopping, head back to the hotel for a little nap, eat dinner, take J back to base.

Sunday: Pick J up and his friend A-Poc, head to hotel to hang out and pack, leave hotel for airport.  Grab coffee on the way (this is a common occurrence apparently!). Tear up on the way to drop off the rental car. Get to airport, get tickets, eat lunch, tear up, head back to ticket counter to check in bags and sit down in the only seats available. Hang out there for as long as possible, tear up some more, hug while A-Poc pretends we aren't hugging in public, say our goodbyes and head to security while the boys head to the USO before heading back to base. Get to gate in a very crabby mood, cry a little, board plane (still very crabby), cry some more, look at MoLaw and die laughing because we are both crying and find it somehow amusing, fall asleep, wake up, lovely steward brings be a coke and I am  back to my less crabby self. Tear up a few more times, plane lands, Faasha drives us back home and get to bed at about 1am. 

Well....I guess that ended up being very long! But long story short, seeing my husband reassured me that he is my bestest friend and love of my life. I can't wait to get based and be with him. Home is where the heart is, and let me tell you, I'm a little home sick right now. Hopefully get to talk to the hubs soon. I'll put up some pictures as soon as the get downloaded to my computer. 

Any one have any advice for A School and how you kept connected? 

Goodnight lovelies! Love and God Bless!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pray for Safe Travels

So I get to leave tomomrrow after work, and I probably won't be able to do any blogging while I'm gone. (Sorry guys, I'm gonna be ...busy...) But pray for safe travels, there will be lots of driving and flying. Not that I'm worried. I love to fly, so yay for that! And OMG I GET TO SEE MY HUSBAND!!!

It has been 8 weeks today since I have seen my hublet. And when I see him again, he will be a Sailor. Oh man, I am super excited for that! It will be J's parents and I at the graduation. I know how proud they are of their son, I'm glad we could all make it.

I probably won't see him again until after A school, so we will make the most of our time together. I am excited for him to be based, not only because we will get to live together again, but also to live somewhere new. I (and he) have lived all of our 23 (24) years in the same area in Oregon and I love it here, but I am stoked to live somewhere else. And being in the Navy, most of the bases seem to be on/near the water and who doesn't love the beach!

Alrighty loves, I'm out. Blogging at work is no bueno!!!

Love, God Bless, and word to your mother!!!
Our View from our hotel on our Honeymoon (Maui '08)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Crazy Life...

Most of the time I would tell I people that I lead a VERY boring life. But this weekend has been a little eventful so I thought I might share. 

It started on Friday. I attended my 11 year old cousin's birthday party. Not only was there a lot of family in attendance, but there was also 4 other 11 year old girls, two 4 year olds, and three boys under the age of six, along with my niece who is about 2. Can I just say that the noise level was DEAFENING. Kids screaming, boys running thru the house, adults talking, girls talking a million miles a minute. Craziness. After most of the family left, I got to hang out with my (J's) Auntie and drink some wine, eat some cake, and relax after a crazy day. And then the dance party started. Five 11 year old girls, an iHome with a "dance mix", and a multicolored rotating disco ball. I have never laughed harder in my life. These girls were having such fun singing loudly to all the music, getting their groove on, and having a ball. The whole time they are dancing, I find myself thinking, "wow, I wish I had that kind of confidence when I was 11." That was definitely one of my highlights of the weekend. 

Saturday was a combination Birthday/Coming Home Party. There were parts that were very fun and parts that made me miss J even more. Most of our friends are coupled up, and the boys are all like besties so everyone was asking about J. I had a lot of fun talking about what is new with J and what is going on next, but they were all under the impression that J was coming home for a few weeks after basic. Sadly not so. It was great being around all those people and having a good time, but it reminded me of all the times J and I have gone over there. It was easy to just think that J was outside with the boys making a HUGE fire while I was inside with the girls. Ahhh...soon enough I suppose.

I already blogged about talking to J, but it was so amazing I have to say it again. He pretty much rocks. He's pretty much my hero. And a pretty hot hero at that. In a few days, he will be my sailor. What what!!! Funny little side note: While talking to J he was talking about something and all of a sudden started talking in acronyms. And I had to interrupt him and go, WHAT!? Aww....My hubs really is a military man now! =) In love!

Today (Sunday) I got a wild hair and decided that I was going to pierce second holes in my ears. I've been thinking about it for awhile, but finally decided to just go for it. I am that way a little bit. I think of something and set my mind to it and go for it. Especially with piercings. They can be removed. =) After my little outing, I laid out for a bit. And burned YET AGAIN. Third week in a row. I swear I am wearing sunscreen people! After laying out, I ate dinner with my in-laws and we hung out in the living room watching tv and reading. And all of a sudden the whole room starts smelling AWFUL. This happened quite a few times. My lovely Labrador is gassy. Apparently he got into his food container and ate his fill. And apparently eating extra "meals" makes him gassy. And guess who gets to sleep with him? Yeah, me. Awesome. And do you want to know the worst part? I just heard him fart. Great. Ugh. 

Gonna go get the gas mask now! Everyone pray that I don't suffocate from the fumes in my sleep!!! =)

Love and God Bless!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Heart is Happy

My heart is HAPPY!!!! I got to talk to J today! OMG it was so nice to hear his voice. To hear that he misses me just as much as I miss him. I can't wait for Friday to watch him graduate! I wish that this meant that we were going to be able to live together again, but sadly it doesn't. It does however mean that we are one step closer to living together. Can I just say that I miss him. I mean really miss him. In more ways that one. =)  This is the first time in almost 7 years that we have spend more that 2 weeks apart. And we've always been able to talk to each other whenever we wanted. I think that I have done pretty well so far. I miss him like crazy, but it could always be worse!

Since I am on the topic of J, here is a little bit of our story:

We met for the first time when I was a Freshman and he was a Sophomore. He was dating a friend of mine and I didn't really think anything of him. It would be another two years before he really made an impact on my life. 

In the very beginning of my Junior year, I saw J at lunch with a mutual friend of our. Our mutual friend called me over to their table at Subway and I chatted with them for a few minutes. Little did I know that J was dating someone else at the time and her sister "caught" us talking. We were both being our friendly selves and there wasn't anything more than that but it ended up being the straw that broke the camels back for that relationship. 

A few weeks later the same friend that introduced us back in Freshman year was interested in J again (I didn't know that back then, I swear!!). She brought me and another girl friend over to his house to hang out. We ended up showing up while J was watching Mrs. Doubtfire with his parents. I took a seat on the only free couch and J sat down next to me. My girl friends ended up sitting across the room from us. While we were sitting on the couch J's leg kept getting closer to mine, and I kept scooting closer to the edge of the couch. When finally J was spread out all over the couch and I was crowding the arm, I looked at J and asked him if he would like me to sit on the floor so he could take up as much couch as he needed. His parents were watching the whole scene unfold and we giggling about their son's "skills" and I am completely oblivious to the fact that he is hitting on me. J ended up sharing the couch with me, but was far from letting me stay out of his life. When we left the house, he asked me for my phone number. And the rest was history. 

There were a few bumps in the road, but I am proud to say that we are high school sweethearts and more in love today than we were on the day we got married. 

Ahh...He makes me smile. I love that boy!