Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Friday will be a sad day...

Friday December 23 will be the start of dieting in our house. Both the hubs and I are feeling the lack of exercise and the gobs of yummy food we have been eating. It's been a little too many casseroles and not enough chicken salads at home.... So minus Christmas, we will be doing INSANITY and eating healthier. I have to admit that I get a little casserole happy. They are easy, I can make them on the weekend and bake the during the week. They are cheap and they are yummy. And sadly, they will be few and far between. And in place there will be lots of salads, chicken, and healthy foods. And thanks to Pintrest hopefully a few new healthy and CHEAP recipes.

Anyone have anything cheap and easy they would like to share? Unfortunately the hubs does not want to eat the same thing week after week.... Gotta come up with new things!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Well... Not quite. But we are home, and we are celebrating so it's close!

I love going home. Everything is familiar, I know my way around,  I can see the people I want to and avoid those who I don't wants to see (dashing down a random aisle in Target, anyone?). The only sad things about this trip is that we are only home for about 2 and a half days. So it is lots and lots of family time. And I have to say, I am super glad that my Mama doesn't live here any more. Not that I don't want to see her, but juggling 3 families in 2.5 days is not easy. Two families is hard enough.

So what's on the schedule? Last night we got in to town, unpacked relaxed, and let H out of his car seat. Today was spent seeing some family friends. Then tonight is dinner with my Gran, Dad, his fiance, and possibly my brother. Then tomorrow is lunch with a friend and Christmas with J's family. And Wednesday we will drive back to P-Town, see my grandma and Aunt and (fingers crossed) two friends. One of my besties and another girl I went to high school with.

One thing that I am loving about being home is all of the decoration my MoLaw has up. Many of the things are home-made and very Pintrest worthy. A glass block filled with Christmas lights and then a ribbon bow. A vase filled with ornaments, garland beads, and these curly stick things. It's Christmas-y with out throwing up Christmas on you. My Mama is the same way. The way she decorates is very similar. Not something that you would be able to buy in a store, but something you make your own. Maybe one day my house will be similar.

Well since I am on vacation, I am off to take a nap with my son. LOVE VACATION!

Friday, December 16, 2011

8 Months

Oh.mylanta. Time flies!! I cannot believe how big my little man is getting. No doctors visits this month, so I have no idea how big Mr. H is, but I am guessing somewhere around 20 lbs or less. Lil Ninja is not the biggest baby on the block. But he is just perfect. We are still in his infant carrier, he is in size 6 month onesies, sleepers, and finally pants. Size 3 costco diapers, and still his pure and natural Kawaii cloth diapers. And for hats??? Over one year. Yup, still got a giant noggin!

This has been a bit of a frustrating month for my little man, not that I can really complain because 98% of the times he is a happy little stinker. Lots of new things developmentally and that has made for a few little meltdowns. Most noticeably, he is starting to cry when one of us leaves the room. Totally normal and totally annoying. The doctor warned me about this at his 6 month check up. He is also babbling all the time. Lots and lots of noises. As far as I can tell, he isn't associating any words with any thing yet, but I do know he says Mama. Not yet in relation to me, but in the midst of all his other words. But when I say mama back to him, his little face lights up. Oh he is a joy!!

He has also started getting on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. We are only days away from crawling. I think I may be the only person who's babe will crawl before they sit by themselves. He just has no interest in sitting. He will sit in his high chair and eat, he will sit in my lap, and when I pull him to a seated position, he will stay there for a few seconds and then FLING himself backwards. He wants to be on the move, and sitting just doesn't do it. Which, by the way, just rolling around he is into everything. I can't turn my back for a second before my little stinker has rolled into the couch/entertainment center/kitchen/dog/chair. He is constantly on the move!!

He is LOVING feeding himself and mommy HATES it. Ohhhh dinner time is so messy!! And he LOVES it. We have these little puffs that he has such a fun time feeding himself. Only about a quarter actually end up in his mouth, but he is getting better. Next time I make some food, I am going to leave some slices of baked apples, roasted squash and what not alone so he can have some more finger foods.

Still no sleeping thru the night... Maybe when he is 4. Now that he is over his cold, he is generally up once to twice a night just for us to put in a paci. I could let him cry himself to sleep at night, but I just can't do it in the middle of the night. So for now, it is what it is. At least he isn't up 3 times a night to eat. It could be worse!!

I was thinking about this the other day: I knew once I had a baby exactly how much I loved him (a lot!) but I never realized how much he would love me. And that probably sounds terribly selfish, but it had really never dawned on me how awesome this little person could think I am. I know that I light up playing with, cuddling, feeding, and just enjoying my little man, but it makes me so much happier to see how happy and loved he feels.

Being a mom is so much different from what I though. And so much better.

Mommy Confession:
H was sick last week, and he ended up sleeping in his bassinet next to the bed because it is inclined and WAY easier to pop his paci back in after he has coughed and sneezed it out. Well.... he definitely stayed in that a day or two longer than he needed to because I was loving not having to get out of bed to put that darned paci back in. I'm a lazy mama!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mid December

How on earth is is already mid December???

Time to check in on my goals:

And my goals for December are:

  • Stay on budget for Christmas + December birthday gifts. Perfection! Came in exactly on budget! I would like to up it a little next year and give us a little wiggle room to buy for some of the people we WANT to buy things for and not just family. 
  • Any bonus money goes to our Ikea fund. I bonused again this month, another $200 bucks towards Ikea!! Which is a good thing because I think BOTH of the people that we were selling our two couches two have backed out. So we are waiting until we are back from vacation to do anything about selling them on craigslist. 
  • Put up Christmas Decorations Easy-peasy lemon-squeasy. Tree has been up and decorated since the first weekend in December thanks to my amazing husband. And the decorations? I should probably shop the after Christmas sales to beef up my collection a little. 
  • Make goodies for people I can't buy for (co-workers, extended family) Total slacker here. Did not make a think. And I have really easy recipies too. Plus pintrest? Total fail. However, I will probably make something closer to Christmas for the people we are having over.
  • Do at least 2 Christmas-y type activities with my little family Fail so far. However, we will go Christmas light looking when we are home plus we have a Christmas party to attend while home. So that will count. 
  • Make a travel budget and stick to it I've pulled out cash....And will pull out some more before we leave on Friday... This may be a fail.
  • Cancel Aflac!  Woo hoo! I am free! This is $20 extra a month that can go towards savings!
  • Figure out how to make our printer print Have not touched the printer... Fail.
So I am coming out 50/50 here. We will see by December 22nd how I have come out with the Christmas activities and the travel budget. Could be two more things crossed off!!

I am going to HAVE to do some 2012 goals. I love this monthly goal thing a little too much. Most of them will probably be financial, but maybe I can finally make the commitment to going back to school again. Not gonna lie, the cost scares me a bit. And filling out the FAFSA scares me even more!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Monthly Goals December

I am LOVING making these goals! I feel like my month is a little more accomplished this way. So here is how I ended up in November:
  • Send out Birthday card/present to my Dad and Brother. Holla!! Sent my brother a card with cash, and Dad's arrived on time!
  • De-clutter the garage and/or spare closet   Again, Holla!! J cleaned out the garage and I cleaned out the closet. Plus all of the stuff went out the door and to the thrift store. I'd say that is a double score.
  • Re-organize hall closet with the sheets placed in the pillow case Done! It looks great!
  • Christmas Shop!! Hmm... I've done more, but I am not finished. So I will say WIN. 
  • Finish up frames! Well.... They are sanded, painted, and have scrapbook paper in the frames. I am missing the hot glue gun I need, and clips that need to be spray painted. So, fail!
  • Make pears for H? .Done! And I made squash, yams, and apples. About 300 ounces for $10.00 Awesome. 
And my goals for December are:

  • Stay on budget for Christmas + December birthday gifts. 
  • Any bonus money goes to our Ikea fund. 
  • Put up Christmas Decorations
  • Make goodies for people I can't buy for (co-workers, extended family)
  • Do at least 2 Christmas-y type activities with my little family
  • Make a travel budget and stick to it
  • Cancel Aflac!
  • Figure out how to make our printer print
Fairly easy goals. I think the hardest will be staying on budget for travel. The one thing that will help is that J and I have made December a "spend" month. So the extra money that would go towards paying off debt (like last month) will be pulled out in cash, and we will have that on hand to pay for things like gas and what not. 

Does any one else make monthly or weekly goals? (I know Kaylee has her 11 in 11 goals, LOVE it!)