Thursday, December 1, 2011

Monthly Goals December

I am LOVING making these goals! I feel like my month is a little more accomplished this way. So here is how I ended up in November:
  • Send out Birthday card/present to my Dad and Brother. Holla!! Sent my brother a card with cash, and Dad's arrived on time!
  • De-clutter the garage and/or spare closet   Again, Holla!! J cleaned out the garage and I cleaned out the closet. Plus all of the stuff went out the door and to the thrift store. I'd say that is a double score.
  • Re-organize hall closet with the sheets placed in the pillow case Done! It looks great!
  • Christmas Shop!! Hmm... I've done more, but I am not finished. So I will say WIN. 
  • Finish up frames! Well.... They are sanded, painted, and have scrapbook paper in the frames. I am missing the hot glue gun I need, and clips that need to be spray painted. So, fail!
  • Make pears for H? .Done! And I made squash, yams, and apples. About 300 ounces for $10.00 Awesome. 
And my goals for December are:

  • Stay on budget for Christmas + December birthday gifts. 
  • Any bonus money goes to our Ikea fund. 
  • Put up Christmas Decorations
  • Make goodies for people I can't buy for (co-workers, extended family)
  • Do at least 2 Christmas-y type activities with my little family
  • Make a travel budget and stick to it
  • Cancel Aflac!
  • Figure out how to make our printer print
Fairly easy goals. I think the hardest will be staying on budget for travel. The one thing that will help is that J and I have made December a "spend" month. So the extra money that would go towards paying off debt (like last month) will be pulled out in cash, and we will have that on hand to pay for things like gas and what not. 

Does any one else make monthly or weekly goals? (I know Kaylee has her 11 in 11 goals, LOVE it!)


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