Friday, February 25, 2011

33 Weeks

How far along?:  33 Weeks or 8.25 Months. And pregnancy is 10 MONTHS LONG, so I will be preggo for roughly 2 more months or less. HOLY COW!!

Total weight gain:  Somewhere around 30 lbs. 

How big is Baby?:  Right around 4 lbs and 19 inches long. And I'm betting he's cute!!! If he could be around 6-7 pounds when he is born, that would be perfect for me =)

Maternity clothes?: Um yes. And I am growing out of some of them!!!!! The belly doesn't seem (at least to me) to be getting bigger...just lower. Baby is starting to drop! And he's in the correct position, at least he was at both of the last appointments. 

Stretch marks?:  Still none on my belly, but my boobies...a few =(

Sleep?: I'm feeling pretty lucky that I only wake up once a night. And I've had no leg cramps this week!!!

Movement?: Holy movement Batman. I hold a ninja in my belly!!! 

Food cravings?:  Hmm... Ice water. Sweets. Food in general? Wings! =) Oh and fruit! I haven't gone grocery shopping this week and I am sorely missing my apples. And I'm reallllllly wanting a dehydrator so I can make dried apple, mango, and banana slices. 

Labor Signs: I decided to put this back in because.... I've been having them! I have at least 1 Braxton Hicks contraction a day. Yesterday I had about 4. They aren't painful, but I am trying to pay attention to them. I also had a pain that was HORRIBLE but I will talk about that in a sec. 

Milestone: Baby shower tomorrow! I get to see my Mom, MoLaw, Auntie, Sis-in-Law, all my friends, and hopefully my Dad also. Plus my Mom is going to take some maternity shots of me with the help of my SIL. Everyone pray that I don't look like a dork =) Can't wait to get on the road tonight to get home. 

How's Mom?: So good this week. I am so thankful that I am still so comfortable most of the say. There are a few moments where my belly is heavy, I feel uncomfortable in my skin, or I'm in pain. So I am really not ready for baby to be here yet. I am still running around like normal, I'm not super super tired (usually), I can still stand all day for work. And I am still LOVING being pregnant. <3 
I have also realized that I am SURE that I do not have a high enough pain tolerance to have totally natural childbirth. No way in hell. Last night, I went to eat dinner and got a HORRIBLE pain in my left hip. And it lasted for about a minute. Most likely it was lil Hyatt digging his elbow into my hip and then finally moving it. But whatever it was it freaking hurt. Like I had to stop what I was doing, breathe thru it, and then finally I was keeled over on the couch trying to rub the spot to make it stop hurting. And I now know, FOR SURE that I will be having an epidural. Yup. That thing will be sweet. 

It's snowing here on the West Coast, so I am praying that the roads will be clear for us to travel and we don't hit too much traffic when we leave. Yeah...Friday night driving thru a big city at like 5 or 6? Traffic is going to be AWESOME. =( Maybe everyone will be scared of the snow and ice and will stay home. 


Monday, February 21, 2011

First Baby Scare

So we had our first baby scare this weekend. And I have to admit I'm a little embarrassed about it. Because I really turned out to be nothing. And we didn't even need to to go to the hospital. But some first time pregnancy things you just don't know about until you  call.

So Sunday afternoon, J and I went to play frisbee golf. It was nice to get the dogs out and also nice to get my walk on and attempt to throw a frisbee (yeah, I suck!). And afterwards I was a little tired so I got my snack and settled in on the couch. I got up to get another snack (hey! I was hungry!) and all of a sudden started having pain in my chest. Right at the top of my belly in the middle. And it hurt to breathe in. So instead of making it all the way into the kitchen, I stop and sit on the stairs. J notices that I'm sitting on the stairs, which is weird and ask's if I'm okay. I very calmly tell him, well I think so....but my chest hurts. And so of course he is FREAKING out. Chest pains are NEVER normal. So he asks if we should call the labor and delivery at the hospital to see if I need to be checked out. And me, thinking that this will probably go away pretty quickly says no. I'll be fine. So I hang out on the stairs, trying to breathe shallow so my chest will stop hurting. And about every three seconds the hubs asks, "do we need to call L&D?" And I'm resisting. Until about 5 min passes and my chest still hurts. 5 minutes is a long time for it to hurt.

So I call L&D. And it's busy. And busy. And busy. So I am SERIOUSLY freaking out because the line is busy. I keep telling J not to worry, and that I'll be fine. So he goes upstairs to bathe the dogs. And I park my behind on the couch. And keep trying L&D. Finally I get thru. And I talk to the nurse who determines that because I have no contractions and the baby is still kicking currently (the whole time, thankfully) I can either go to the Urgent Care Clinic (UCC) or lay down, wait 30 min, and if it still hurts go to UCC. And I decide to wait 30 min.

So I head upstairs to watch the dogs get baths and and lay my pillow down and relax a little.

And sure enough. 30 min later, I feel just perfect.

And I am pretty sure that it was just indigestion or gas. I kept burping while J was washing the dogs (totally hot, right?!)

So I am thankful that nothing was wrong, and also glad that I have a husband who encourages me to call when I have any concerns.

Who knew gas could be so painful!

Friday, February 18, 2011

32 Weeks

How far along?:  32 Weeks

Total weight gain:  As of Monday - 29 pounds. YAY! I'm on track to gain less that 40!

How big is Baby?:  3 pounds 11 ounces (according to

Maternity clothes?: Maternity clothes are  awesome! Sad to say, I'm starting to grow out of some of them =(

Stretch marks?:  Still the same. None yet on the belly!

Sleep?: Eh. Considering I am posting this at 2:50am, not great. Up every night to pee. Tonight I couldn't go back to sleep. Also, I am getting more tired earlier and going to bed earlier. 

Movement?: Lots! He's starting to maybe slow down this week. Or he's running out of room. He is not quite the ninja that he has been. So less wild and crazy and more rolls, punches, kicks, and elbows. 

Food cravings?:  Nothing in particular. But I still eat a lot of sweets (I can't resist! Darn you work for always having some sort of chocolate around!)

Milestone: 8 months along today! And just realizing that pregnancy IS actually 10 months...Holy cow, only 2 more months! Looking forward to to my 1st baby shower next Saturday. Excited to see all my family and friends. The weekend is not going to be long enough!!

How's Mom?: Good week so far. I keep being reminded that I have married the perfect man for me. We have had several chats this week about my pregnancy, things to come, and worries that I have and he always makes things better. I swear, even if everything is going along fine in pregnancy, you still worry! You worry that things are too perfect. It's insane! Also, he is so dang sweet to me! This morning, when I got up to pee (at 2:15) I was getting back in bed and went to take my socks off. Well, my back has been hurting to the point of I can't just put weight on one leg at a time, my leg will like buckle. Well, not thinking about that I put weight on one leg and my leg sorta gave out a little. Apparently my hubs was up because he asked what was wrong and ended up giving me an impromptu back massage. Amazing man I am married too. 

So now I am up. Hopefully I will get tired here shortly. But until then, I am holed up on my couch with my book and I'll just read till I get tired!

Hope y'all are still sleeping!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Official!

It's official, I am pregnant. Well, I have been pregnant for awhile, but I am now in the awkward "I have no balance" stage.

Yep. Totally not fun.

And I had my first embarrassing moment.

While walking down to the mail box, my foot slipped off the sidewalk and I rolled my ankle and fell.

Yep. Fell

On my hands and knees.

And as soon as I got up I looked around to make sure no one saw me.

And thankfully I am pretty sure that no one did.

Opps! Gotta be more careful these days! No only am I getting big, but my joints are loosening, and I am getting clumsy.

Hopefully there will be no more embarrassing moments (yeah right!)


P.S. I was totally fine, the only thing bruised was my ego =)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

What an amazing Valentines Weekend!!!

Friday I was a little disappointed. I started my first week at full time and so I didn't get off work until 6 on Friday. J volunteered to chaperone a high school dance and had to leave at 6:45 so we were only going to get about 30 minutes to spend together on Friday. And Friday's are usually "date night." Sad! So when 8 o'clock rolls around, how surprised do you think I am to find my husband at the front door bearing flowers and candy!!!! Apparently there was not enough school employed chaperones for the dance and my hubs thought that Friday would be a great time for us to celebrate Valentines day together. =) He knows me so well....I love both flowers and chocolate!!!

Saturday morning was relaxing. Hung out on the couch, cleaned up a little bit, and got ready for Ultimate Frisbee. Every Saturday the hubs plays Ultimate Frisbee and while I don't think I will ever play, let alone try to play pregnant, I do get my walk on while he plays. The walk was a little less than successful this weekend. And I have now learned that if I want to walk, I may just have to leave some of the other girls behind. I don't go to just watch my husband play, I need my exercise! After that, I honestly can't remember what we did. I think I relaxed and maybe cleaned a little bit.

Sunday was the perfect mix of things I need to do and things I want to do. I bought J his Valentines gift (new floor mats for his truck...romantic, right? Good thing he loved them!) went grocery shopping, put pulled pork in the croc pot for dinner. Made sure the house was all cleaned up, and then my friend A came over to help me make tutu's! J went to play Ultimate Frisbee again, and A came over and kept me company (and provided a tutorial) while I made tutu's for some adorable little girls. She is preggers also and his also having a boy so we ohhed and ahhhed over all the cute things that you can make for girls. Not so much for boys! I kept telling her how much I wanted to make these adorable swaddling blankets and cute burp rags but all I needed was a sewing machine. So after J came back from Frisbee, he took me to Wally World and I picked up a sweet sewing machine and all the fabric needed to make both the blankets and the burp cloths. I haven't yet done the burp clothes, but the blankets came out SO CUTE!!! I made two for baby Hyatt (our lil man!) and I have the fabric to make more for some other people. LOVE IT! And I have realized that I absolutely NEED my husband to create projects like this. I could not figure out how to cut out the fabric so it would be square. Not to mention that he helped me set up my sewing machine, figure out why it wouldn't work, and get it started (after I snapped the needle on my very first stitch). And when I finished my first blanket he oohed and ahhed over it and was SO proud of me! I love that man!!! And he is super excited to be taking the blanket to the hospital with us for Hyatt when he is born. YAY!!!

So today, I will be attempting the burp cloths and one more blanket. I have enough fabric for 7 more, plus I am planning on buying some more flannel this coming weekend to make some more plain blankets with and adding some "pizzaz" to them with left over fabric that I already have.

PREGNANCY MAKES ME WANT TO BE CRAFTY!!!! Good thing my hubs is around to make sure these projects actually turn out cute.

Hope you all are having a fabulous Valentines Day! Not that you need a special day to let your loved ones know you care... Love on them anyway!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

31 Weeks

How far along?:  31 Weeks

Total weight gain:  At the last appointment, 26 lbs. And my next appointment is Monday and I am guessing at least 30 lbs. 

How big is Baby?:  Approximately 3lbs and the size of a squash. 

Maternity clothes?: Pretty much everything I wear is maternity. And it's sooooo comfy!

Stretch marks?: Still the same. My belly is pristine! And I am sure that come week 38 (or earlier!) there will be some stretch marks on my belly. 

Sleep?:  I am waking up more at night....and not able to fall back asleep if it's after about 3am. But not bad!

Movement?: Lots! Still not doing kick counts, because he moves so dang much! It's amazing!

Food cravings?:  Always sweets. Nothing in particular. But if there are sweets in the house, they are gone...because I ate them! I have no self control. 

Milestone: Nothing really new this week. Only two more weeks till my 1st shower. Can't wait for that! Still @ 7 months. Monday is another appointment, hopefully I will see the lil man then!

How's Mom?: Tired! Started working full time again this week and it is wearing on me. I am ready to tackle the day in the morning, but come 5 o'clock, my feet are tired and I'm getting braxton hicks. My swollen feet stay swollen. Even when I wake up. Braxton Hicks happen about once every day...some days more. Thankfully they don't hurt yet! I know I need to take it easy, so once I am home I try to stay off my feet, but I still feel like I can take on the world, so until that changes I will just keep trucking along!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 Weeks

Holy cow, is that right? 30 weeks?! Only 10 more to go. Wow. Time has FLOWN by. 

How far along?:  30 Weeks

Total weight gain: Somewhere between 26-30lbs probably. 

How big is Baby?:  My what to expect app says 3.1lbs and 17 inches. About the size of a butternut squash, which by the way is one of my favorite things to eat! In fact, I have one in the cabinet!

Maternity clothes?: Hah! Pretty much everything. And some of my maternity shirts are getting a little too tight or short. Granted, I am pretty sure I will be wearing a few of these tops when I am not preggers, but still. My belly is GINORMUS!

Stretch marks?: Still the same. Maybe one or two. But I'm all good with that!

Sleep?:  Waking up more at night, waking up earlier in the morning, nightmares, and can't fall asleep. But I feel like I am sleeping pretty well considering!

Movement?: I have a wiggle worm in my belly! I don't do kick counts because he moves so much. But his movements is getting a little restricted now that he is getting bigger. 

Food cravings?:  Sweets as usual! But I am trying to resist. Not that it works very well!

Milestone: I'm gonna say 30 weeks is a milestone! Officially 7.5 months along. AND I figured out that the snaps on my cloth diapers are actually used for something and not just decoration! 

How's Mom?:  Really good this week. Everything is just trucking along. I can't wait for my 1st baby shower (just about 3 more weeks). I am getting so antsy to get everything put together and ready for my lil man. Gotta love nesting! 


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Morning Favorites

I love the morning where I wake up (in a good mood) early enough to brew some coffee for myself, or make some hot chocolate and sit down and relax before I start getting ready for work. And one of my favorite things to do on these morning is pick which lovely cup I am going to use to drink my morning joy.

You see, I have an addiction. And this addiction is with coffee cups. Mainly Starbucks, their mugs are just so cute!

So this morning, I am taking joy in picking out my coffee cup to drink my (decaf) coffee in. I will drink my coffee out of it's pretty cup and relax before my morning has to start.

What is your morning favorite?