Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

What an amazing Valentines Weekend!!!

Friday I was a little disappointed. I started my first week at full time and so I didn't get off work until 6 on Friday. J volunteered to chaperone a high school dance and had to leave at 6:45 so we were only going to get about 30 minutes to spend together on Friday. And Friday's are usually "date night." Sad! So when 8 o'clock rolls around, how surprised do you think I am to find my husband at the front door bearing flowers and candy!!!! Apparently there was not enough school employed chaperones for the dance and my hubs thought that Friday would be a great time for us to celebrate Valentines day together. =) He knows me so well....I love both flowers and chocolate!!!

Saturday morning was relaxing. Hung out on the couch, cleaned up a little bit, and got ready for Ultimate Frisbee. Every Saturday the hubs plays Ultimate Frisbee and while I don't think I will ever play, let alone try to play pregnant, I do get my walk on while he plays. The walk was a little less than successful this weekend. And I have now learned that if I want to walk, I may just have to leave some of the other girls behind. I don't go to just watch my husband play, I need my exercise! After that, I honestly can't remember what we did. I think I relaxed and maybe cleaned a little bit.

Sunday was the perfect mix of things I need to do and things I want to do. I bought J his Valentines gift (new floor mats for his truck...romantic, right? Good thing he loved them!) went grocery shopping, put pulled pork in the croc pot for dinner. Made sure the house was all cleaned up, and then my friend A came over to help me make tutu's! J went to play Ultimate Frisbee again, and A came over and kept me company (and provided a tutorial) while I made tutu's for some adorable little girls. She is preggers also and his also having a boy so we ohhed and ahhhed over all the cute things that you can make for girls. Not so much for boys! I kept telling her how much I wanted to make these adorable swaddling blankets and cute burp rags but all I needed was a sewing machine. So after J came back from Frisbee, he took me to Wally World and I picked up a sweet sewing machine and all the fabric needed to make both the blankets and the burp cloths. I haven't yet done the burp clothes, but the blankets came out SO CUTE!!! I made two for baby Hyatt (our lil man!) and I have the fabric to make more for some other people. LOVE IT! And I have realized that I absolutely NEED my husband to create projects like this. I could not figure out how to cut out the fabric so it would be square. Not to mention that he helped me set up my sewing machine, figure out why it wouldn't work, and get it started (after I snapped the needle on my very first stitch). And when I finished my first blanket he oohed and ahhed over it and was SO proud of me! I love that man!!! And he is super excited to be taking the blanket to the hospital with us for Hyatt when he is born. YAY!!!

So today, I will be attempting the burp cloths and one more blanket. I have enough fabric for 7 more, plus I am planning on buying some more flannel this coming weekend to make some more plain blankets with and adding some "pizzaz" to them with left over fabric that I already have.

PREGNANCY MAKES ME WANT TO BE CRAFTY!!!! Good thing my hubs is around to make sure these projects actually turn out cute.

Hope you all are having a fabulous Valentines Day! Not that you need a special day to let your loved ones know you care... Love on them anyway!


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