Friday, February 25, 2011

33 Weeks

How far along?:  33 Weeks or 8.25 Months. And pregnancy is 10 MONTHS LONG, so I will be preggo for roughly 2 more months or less. HOLY COW!!

Total weight gain:  Somewhere around 30 lbs. 

How big is Baby?:  Right around 4 lbs and 19 inches long. And I'm betting he's cute!!! If he could be around 6-7 pounds when he is born, that would be perfect for me =)

Maternity clothes?: Um yes. And I am growing out of some of them!!!!! The belly doesn't seem (at least to me) to be getting bigger...just lower. Baby is starting to drop! And he's in the correct position, at least he was at both of the last appointments. 

Stretch marks?:  Still none on my belly, but my boobies...a few =(

Sleep?: I'm feeling pretty lucky that I only wake up once a night. And I've had no leg cramps this week!!!

Movement?: Holy movement Batman. I hold a ninja in my belly!!! 

Food cravings?:  Hmm... Ice water. Sweets. Food in general? Wings! =) Oh and fruit! I haven't gone grocery shopping this week and I am sorely missing my apples. And I'm reallllllly wanting a dehydrator so I can make dried apple, mango, and banana slices. 

Labor Signs: I decided to put this back in because.... I've been having them! I have at least 1 Braxton Hicks contraction a day. Yesterday I had about 4. They aren't painful, but I am trying to pay attention to them. I also had a pain that was HORRIBLE but I will talk about that in a sec. 

Milestone: Baby shower tomorrow! I get to see my Mom, MoLaw, Auntie, Sis-in-Law, all my friends, and hopefully my Dad also. Plus my Mom is going to take some maternity shots of me with the help of my SIL. Everyone pray that I don't look like a dork =) Can't wait to get on the road tonight to get home. 

How's Mom?: So good this week. I am so thankful that I am still so comfortable most of the say. There are a few moments where my belly is heavy, I feel uncomfortable in my skin, or I'm in pain. So I am really not ready for baby to be here yet. I am still running around like normal, I'm not super super tired (usually), I can still stand all day for work. And I am still LOVING being pregnant. <3 
I have also realized that I am SURE that I do not have a high enough pain tolerance to have totally natural childbirth. No way in hell. Last night, I went to eat dinner and got a HORRIBLE pain in my left hip. And it lasted for about a minute. Most likely it was lil Hyatt digging his elbow into my hip and then finally moving it. But whatever it was it freaking hurt. Like I had to stop what I was doing, breathe thru it, and then finally I was keeled over on the couch trying to rub the spot to make it stop hurting. And I now know, FOR SURE that I will be having an epidural. Yup. That thing will be sweet. 

It's snowing here on the West Coast, so I am praying that the roads will be clear for us to travel and we don't hit too much traffic when we leave. Yeah...Friday night driving thru a big city at like 5 or 6? Traffic is going to be AWESOME. =( Maybe everyone will be scared of the snow and ice and will stay home. 


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