Friday, February 18, 2011

32 Weeks

How far along?:  32 Weeks

Total weight gain:  As of Monday - 29 pounds. YAY! I'm on track to gain less that 40!

How big is Baby?:  3 pounds 11 ounces (according to

Maternity clothes?: Maternity clothes are  awesome! Sad to say, I'm starting to grow out of some of them =(

Stretch marks?:  Still the same. None yet on the belly!

Sleep?: Eh. Considering I am posting this at 2:50am, not great. Up every night to pee. Tonight I couldn't go back to sleep. Also, I am getting more tired earlier and going to bed earlier. 

Movement?: Lots! He's starting to maybe slow down this week. Or he's running out of room. He is not quite the ninja that he has been. So less wild and crazy and more rolls, punches, kicks, and elbows. 

Food cravings?:  Nothing in particular. But I still eat a lot of sweets (I can't resist! Darn you work for always having some sort of chocolate around!)

Milestone: 8 months along today! And just realizing that pregnancy IS actually 10 months...Holy cow, only 2 more months! Looking forward to to my 1st baby shower next Saturday. Excited to see all my family and friends. The weekend is not going to be long enough!!

How's Mom?: Good week so far. I keep being reminded that I have married the perfect man for me. We have had several chats this week about my pregnancy, things to come, and worries that I have and he always makes things better. I swear, even if everything is going along fine in pregnancy, you still worry! You worry that things are too perfect. It's insane! Also, he is so dang sweet to me! This morning, when I got up to pee (at 2:15) I was getting back in bed and went to take my socks off. Well, my back has been hurting to the point of I can't just put weight on one leg at a time, my leg will like buckle. Well, not thinking about that I put weight on one leg and my leg sorta gave out a little. Apparently my hubs was up because he asked what was wrong and ended up giving me an impromptu back massage. Amazing man I am married too. 

So now I am up. Hopefully I will get tired here shortly. But until then, I am holed up on my couch with my book and I'll just read till I get tired!

Hope y'all are still sleeping!


Amanda said...

Hope you got back to sleep lady!

Samantha said...

I'm not as far along as you are, but I'm already having trouble sleeping and getting up multiple times throughout the night. It's not so fun!

Aren't loving husbands the BEST? :)