Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 Weeks

Holy cow, is that right? 30 weeks?! Only 10 more to go. Wow. Time has FLOWN by. 

How far along?:  30 Weeks

Total weight gain: Somewhere between 26-30lbs probably. 

How big is Baby?:  My what to expect app says 3.1lbs and 17 inches. About the size of a butternut squash, which by the way is one of my favorite things to eat! In fact, I have one in the cabinet!

Maternity clothes?: Hah! Pretty much everything. And some of my maternity shirts are getting a little too tight or short. Granted, I am pretty sure I will be wearing a few of these tops when I am not preggers, but still. My belly is GINORMUS!

Stretch marks?: Still the same. Maybe one or two. But I'm all good with that!

Sleep?:  Waking up more at night, waking up earlier in the morning, nightmares, and can't fall asleep. But I feel like I am sleeping pretty well considering!

Movement?: I have a wiggle worm in my belly! I don't do kick counts because he moves so much. But his movements is getting a little restricted now that he is getting bigger. 

Food cravings?:  Sweets as usual! But I am trying to resist. Not that it works very well!

Milestone: I'm gonna say 30 weeks is a milestone! Officially 7.5 months along. AND I figured out that the snaps on my cloth diapers are actually used for something and not just decoration! 

How's Mom?:  Really good this week. Everything is just trucking along. I can't wait for my 1st baby shower (just about 3 more weeks). I am getting so antsy to get everything put together and ready for my lil man. Gotta love nesting! 


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