Monday, February 21, 2011

First Baby Scare

So we had our first baby scare this weekend. And I have to admit I'm a little embarrassed about it. Because I really turned out to be nothing. And we didn't even need to to go to the hospital. But some first time pregnancy things you just don't know about until you  call.

So Sunday afternoon, J and I went to play frisbee golf. It was nice to get the dogs out and also nice to get my walk on and attempt to throw a frisbee (yeah, I suck!). And afterwards I was a little tired so I got my snack and settled in on the couch. I got up to get another snack (hey! I was hungry!) and all of a sudden started having pain in my chest. Right at the top of my belly in the middle. And it hurt to breathe in. So instead of making it all the way into the kitchen, I stop and sit on the stairs. J notices that I'm sitting on the stairs, which is weird and ask's if I'm okay. I very calmly tell him, well I think so....but my chest hurts. And so of course he is FREAKING out. Chest pains are NEVER normal. So he asks if we should call the labor and delivery at the hospital to see if I need to be checked out. And me, thinking that this will probably go away pretty quickly says no. I'll be fine. So I hang out on the stairs, trying to breathe shallow so my chest will stop hurting. And about every three seconds the hubs asks, "do we need to call L&D?" And I'm resisting. Until about 5 min passes and my chest still hurts. 5 minutes is a long time for it to hurt.

So I call L&D. And it's busy. And busy. And busy. So I am SERIOUSLY freaking out because the line is busy. I keep telling J not to worry, and that I'll be fine. So he goes upstairs to bathe the dogs. And I park my behind on the couch. And keep trying L&D. Finally I get thru. And I talk to the nurse who determines that because I have no contractions and the baby is still kicking currently (the whole time, thankfully) I can either go to the Urgent Care Clinic (UCC) or lay down, wait 30 min, and if it still hurts go to UCC. And I decide to wait 30 min.

So I head upstairs to watch the dogs get baths and and lay my pillow down and relax a little.

And sure enough. 30 min later, I feel just perfect.

And I am pretty sure that it was just indigestion or gas. I kept burping while J was washing the dogs (totally hot, right?!)

So I am thankful that nothing was wrong, and also glad that I have a husband who encourages me to call when I have any concerns.

Who knew gas could be so painful!


Samantha said...

I'm glad everything was okay!! :)

Amanda said...

Amerie has a favorite torture spot for me. It is right at the top of my uterus, but not directly in the middle, a little off to my right... I dont know what she does, but sometimes it REALLY hurts. I was actually just going to write about my day, and that torture spot will be included. I hope (if that is what it was) that Mr Hyatt stops it soon! And that if not, it was just a random one time thing!