Monday, April 25, 2011

He's HERE!!!!

My little ninja made his arrival last Sunday! I can't believe his is already more than a week old. Time flys!

Here are the stats:

Hyatt was born, April 17th at almost 2 in the afternoon.
He was 7 lbs, 7.5 oz and 19.5 inches long
I was in labor for a total of 14 hours and pushed for about 4.5 hours.
I would do the laboring part again in a heart beat. The pushing? Not so much, but the coreman reminded me that usually the second child comes out much easier =)
Epidurals are my best friend.
The best moment was when he finally came out. Words do not describe the feeling.
My husband was the best labor coach I could have asked for. He is best father and is more amazing at this new part of our life that I could have imagined.

So far I am loving being a mom. I am so glad that I have the help of J and my mom this week. I am sad that J has to go back to work on Wednesday. And my mom goes home on Friday. But thankfully we will have more family here soon (Dad - Friday thru Sunday, MoLaw and Auntie the following weekend) The hardest part so far is the emotions. My hormones must be all over the place and that is not fun. But we are all working thru it. Thank goodness for an amazing husband who understands me, or makes me laugh when he doesn't understand.

The strangest part about not being pregnant is that I don't miss my belly at all. I loved (LOVED!) my preggo belly. But now that Hyatt is here, I don't miss it at all. That surprised me. Instead of a preggo belly, I now have what I call my beer belly which is shrinking every day. The other strange thing is that I was retaining a lot more water than I realized. I have skinny arms and calves again! It's amazing!

So that is where I have been these last few weeks. Loving mommy-hood and just getting used to the new routine. Hopefully I will have lots of interesting things to post soon!!!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

39 Weeks

How far along?: 39

Total weight gain: 45ish pounds

How big is Baby?:  7 pounds, and 19 to 22 inches. I'm honestly hoping for smaller =)

Maternity clothes?  Oh yeah....I love me some stretchy pants!

Stretch marks?: None on my belly!

Sleep?: Still pretty good. Up every few hours to pee. And some days I can't fall back asleep. But all in all pretty good!

Movement?: I have a ninja. 'Nuff said!

Food cravings?: This weekend I loooovveee ice tea with lemon. And of course all I really want is fried, greasy, and sugary....great!

Labor Signs:  Nope. Hardly any BH contractions. So I am thinking either he is never coming out, so when I do get contractions they will be the real deal. 

Milestone: Last week before my due date. Plus this is my last week of work, woo hoo!!! Friday is my last official day (unless I go into labor first). And I can't wait to be done! Hopefully my lil Ninja will cooperate and not make me wait at home for him forever. 

How's Mom?: Still great! I feel really good. Baby has dropped. And I am walking a TON (10-12 miles this week) and loving that. I am still waiting to feel super uncomfortable but it hasn't happened yet. There are some things that are getting harder (like getting into a car, and drying off my feet after a shower, that's a long reach!) but mostly, everything is awesome!

I am starting to worry that I'll have to get induced (not something I want to do!) . And I am crazy for feeling this way! I still have a week to go to my due date (either the 16th or 17th depending on the doctor) plus another week and some days before they would consider inducing me. So really nothing to worry about at this point. I am trying (continually praying actually) that I will give up my time schedule and give it to God. He will time everything perfectly and I don't need to worry. But I am horribly impatient and would like to quit waiting now. But I'm letting go, and letting God. Well, at least I'm trying!

Hopefully there will be some great news in these next few days. Next doctor's appointment is Friday, so maybe something will be happening by then. 


Monday, April 4, 2011

38 Weeks and SO HAPPY!

So happy!!! This weekend was so amazing. I have 3 of my besties come to visit and I couldn't be happier. What a great weekend!

They came up Friday night. J made dinner and cleaned leaving us girls lots of time to sit and chat and be silly. I think he even enjoyed it (he loves these girls too). We stayed up late chatting and drinking (non alcoholic for me!) and when I woke up the next morning I had a sore throat. Probably from talking so much!

Saturday we hiked a beautiful trail on base, got pedi's, had appetizers and drinks at a yummy brewery. After that we had some MAJOR retail therapy at the NEX. My friends were loving the prices on the purses. And I got a new pair of running shoes. I'm hoping these ones won't give me shin splints. After the NEX, we headed to Target to get some last minute baby/new mom items. And so now I am TOTALLY prepared for this baby. Well as prepared as I am going to get. Saturday night we stayed up late chatting some more (can girls talk too much?). 

Sunday morning they all headed back home =( Early afternoon I hiked the trail on base again with a friend. Then got to cleaning my house. 

It was a perfect weekend. I am so happy that last week I got to see J's family, this weekend I got to see my besties, and once my lil man gets here I get to see my mom. Life is so good!!!!!!!

How far along?: 38 Weeks and a few days

Total weight gain: 40 pounds, and still feeling great!  

How big is Baby?:  7 pounds, and 19 to 22 inches. I'm honestly hoping for smaller =)

Maternity clothes? Haha! 

Stretch marks?: Same old ones. Belly is still looking fab though!

Sleep?: Pretty good. Up about every 2-3 hours to pee (can anyone say nursing sessions?) and some nights I just can't fall asleep. 

Movement?:  Hello ninja...Lots and lots!

Food cravings?:  I love food. I've gained 40 pounds...need I say more? =)

Labor Signs:  Hmmm....Maybe? Probably not though. Some tightness in my belly a few times a day but I'm sure they are nothing. 

Milestone: Home stretch! Hopefully only 3 weeks or less.

How's Mom?: Fabulous. I keep waiting to get really uncomfortable or just be dying to have the baby out. And I will say that I want him to please be here but not because I feel incredibly ready or anything I just feel like now is the time. I'm never going to feel ready so he might as well be here. And now would be a great time.