Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mid December

How on earth is is already mid December???

Time to check in on my goals:

And my goals for December are:

  • Stay on budget for Christmas + December birthday gifts. Perfection! Came in exactly on budget! I would like to up it a little next year and give us a little wiggle room to buy for some of the people we WANT to buy things for and not just family. 
  • Any bonus money goes to our Ikea fund. I bonused again this month, another $200 bucks towards Ikea!! Which is a good thing because I think BOTH of the people that we were selling our two couches two have backed out. So we are waiting until we are back from vacation to do anything about selling them on craigslist. 
  • Put up Christmas Decorations Easy-peasy lemon-squeasy. Tree has been up and decorated since the first weekend in December thanks to my amazing husband. And the decorations? I should probably shop the after Christmas sales to beef up my collection a little. 
  • Make goodies for people I can't buy for (co-workers, extended family) Total slacker here. Did not make a think. And I have really easy recipies too. Plus pintrest? Total fail. However, I will probably make something closer to Christmas for the people we are having over.
  • Do at least 2 Christmas-y type activities with my little family Fail so far. However, we will go Christmas light looking when we are home plus we have a Christmas party to attend while home. So that will count. 
  • Make a travel budget and stick to it I've pulled out cash....And will pull out some more before we leave on Friday... This may be a fail.
  • Cancel Aflac!  Woo hoo! I am free! This is $20 extra a month that can go towards savings!
  • Figure out how to make our printer print Have not touched the printer... Fail.
So I am coming out 50/50 here. We will see by December 22nd how I have come out with the Christmas activities and the travel budget. Could be two more things crossed off!!

I am going to HAVE to do some 2012 goals. I love this monthly goal thing a little too much. Most of them will probably be financial, but maybe I can finally make the commitment to going back to school again. Not gonna lie, the cost scares me a bit. And filling out the FAFSA scares me even more!!

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