Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Friday will be a sad day...

Friday December 23 will be the start of dieting in our house. Both the hubs and I are feeling the lack of exercise and the gobs of yummy food we have been eating. It's been a little too many casseroles and not enough chicken salads at home.... So minus Christmas, we will be doing INSANITY and eating healthier. I have to admit that I get a little casserole happy. They are easy, I can make them on the weekend and bake the during the week. They are cheap and they are yummy. And sadly, they will be few and far between. And in place there will be lots of salads, chicken, and healthy foods. And thanks to Pintrest hopefully a few new healthy and CHEAP recipes.

Anyone have anything cheap and easy they would like to share? Unfortunately the hubs does not want to eat the same thing week after week.... Gotta come up with new things!

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