Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Bob...

J and I have two dogs. Doc and Bob. Doc is "hubby's dog" and Bob is "my dog." Doc is perfect. A gorgeous yellow lab. Bob is a wiener mix with issues. And boy does my dog have issues. 
First off he was diagnosed with an auto immune disease about a year ago. For awhile there it was touch and go. He had a 50/50 chance of living at that point. Obviously he is still alive, but he still has issues from that now. He is on a steroid medicine that he will take for the rest of his life. This makes him gives him some odd side effects. He obsessively licks things. Everything. The carpet, the couch, the wood floors, the blanket, you name it he probably licks it. 
Any why, getting to the point of my story here, Bob is having issues again. A few weeks ago, Bob started limping. He started about a day after a long walk he went on. The first day it wasn't so bad, just a little limp. The second day he could hardly walk on it. It was red, swollen, and just plain ugly. Plus he was licking it all the time. Great. After a few days of it not getting better, I took him to the vet. There was nothing in his paw, it wasn't cut, it was basically just infected for whatever reason. So tons of antibiotics later, his paw is back to normal. 
Now Thursday, Bob goes on a little walk again. Friday he is limping again, Saturday it is a full blown can't walk on it mess. And his paw is ANGRY red. Sunday, not only is it ANGRY red, but it bursts. Blood and gush and nasty-ness. And I am freaking out. Thank God for J's parents because I was a mess. Not only can I hardly handle blood, but I am freaking out because J isn't here to help me take care of Bob, and what if he dies, and OMG what the freaking heck is always wrong with my freaking dog. Some blood, gush, gauze, bloodied socks later I have a much happier dog. I will be taking him to the vet tomorrow. For right now, I have what I am calling my wienie wrap. =) Here are some pictures.

 Poor Bobble Wobble...Hopefully we are over all of his issues. I am not sure how much more of this I can handle all on my own!



P.S. Thank you MP for being my on-call vet! Some wrap and antiseptic spray later, he seems to be doing alright. Love ya!


Amanda said...

awe!! poor thing!!!

Amanda said...

Gonna text you. Do you remember when Tuck split his artery in his leg? It had go be wrapped much like bobs needs to be wrapped now. Be sure that you wrap his whole paw, dont leave an opening on the bottom. I will try to send you a picture if I still have one on my phone. <3 you

L said...

Whole paw is wrapped now. Tried to go to the vet this morning... wouldn't see me with out an appt. Oh well...Have an appt. tomorrow morning. He seems much better now that his "thing" popped. It was so gross!!! I was crying and freaking out all over it. How about we don't do that again. Okay Bob?