Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Holy Moly!

A School is already shaping up to be way more fun that boot camp! I got a phone call from J at 1am last night while J was at the airport, another phone call at 6pm when I was getting off work and then a third call at about 8:30 pm. Holy cow! We go from practically no contact to tons of phone calls. This wifey is lovin' it!! 

So far the plan for this week is overnight J's cell phone, get his clothes out of storage to send to him, get flat rate boxes to ship clothes, shoes, and his computer to him, and get him some cash. Whew! Puttin it on my To Do List. 

On a little bit of a sad note, I am getting my first introduction into "the life of a military wife." My hubs told me that his school won't start for a few months. Maybe two or three. So by my best guess, hubs will be out of school in mmmmm.....4 months. Give or take a few weeks. Or months. I am trying to keep a positive attitude about this. I like to think of the glass as half full, so even though we will be apart longer, this will give us more time to save money. Plus I get to keep my job for longer. Be in my friends wedding and go to all of her parties with out having to fly into town. Also, this will strengthen my relationship with J and make me lean more heavily on God. All things work together for the good of those who serve Him. And He (God) knows the plans, so I'm just gonna go along for the ride. 

*I know there are a lot of Mil Wives out there who are thinking, 4 months? Big freakin deal. And I will tell you I agree with you. I do know that there are so many other ladies out there who go without their hubs for a million times longer. And I feel for you. And I am sorry if it annoys you that I am complaining about 4 months. But this is my life, and I miss my hubs. So complain a little I will. Feel free to not read this blog if it ticks you off =)*

Thank you ladies for praying for safety for our trip. Not only was it FREAKIN WONDERFUL but the flights were fantastic, and it was pretty much smooth sailing the whole time. We were feelin the prayers!

Love and God Bless,


Sarah said...

I think you have a super sweet blog! (Check my blog for details!)

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

awww..i remember that too! its so nice to hear from them alot! and i know exactly what you mean about having to wait longer...my hubbys a-school was pretty short but when we got his orders we were all set on moving when we found out he was getting deployed! i was so bummed but there has been alot of good things about it too...like saving money and i was able to be here for my sister when she had her baby...so your right. god definitely has a plan for the bigger picture in our lives and this will definitely strengthen your marriage! :)


Jen said...

Don't ever apologize for missing your hubby...even if it's 2 weeks you will always miss him. :) It's your right. :) Like Brittney said there are some good things...saving money is one. When my hubby was gone it's amazing how much money we saved haha :)

Sespi said...

I agree with Jen... time apart is time apart, and as a military spouse, you probably value time together more than non military couples because you know how quickly it can be taken away from you. Don't feel about missing your husband, whether it's a week, a month, or a year. It's good that you're finding the positives in it! When my husband deploys, I rejoice that I won't have to make another breakfast burrito for at least a few months :)

L said...

Aww!!! Thanks guys!! Lovin the support!!! It sure is appreciated when I am feeling a little low about the hubs. I am looking forward to talking to him more! And for an anniversary present he bought me a new computer so we can skype! Or something... Ahh technology how I do not understand you!

Kaylee said...

i definitely remember these days! it was great getting calls after months of not being able to talk on the phone! and he sure would call - at the strangest times!!!

and school not starting for months - yeah, it stinks. was totally there!

you can do it! i left you a little something on my blog (and just noticed you got it already...oh well!!!!) :)