Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today my Dwarf name might be Grumpy...

If my co-worker tells one more person (that she doesn't really know) that she and her husband are trying to get pregnant I might scream. Seriously? How do you work that into everyday conversation? To be honest, I find it a little creepy. Talking to almost strangers about you....sex life... Maybe it's just me that finds that weird. 

Most days I feel like the things that annoy me about my co-workers just kinda roll off my back. I don't really notice them or I just ignore them a little. The more my husband is gone and the more I find myself annoyed with the things that they do. I have a co-worker who sometimes "picks" at the things that I am wearing. Like if she doesn't like my hair, she will mention it. Or maybe she wouldn't wear a necklace that I have on she will let me know. Really? Thank you for pointing out the things you don't like about me!!! Are you jealous? Maybe. But it doesn't make me want to be nice to you! It actually makes me want to strangle you a little bit. 

Ugh... And I am a little bit (inwardly) grumpy about Husband's new facebook friend. He got a (sweet!) tattoo over the weekend and she became his facebook friend so she could show his the tattoo parlor's facebook page (?). And now she is his biggest fan. I am annoyed by all of her comments. I am jealous. Well, maybe I am jealous. I want to be in Florida. But not jealous of her. Cause I'm amazing. Or at least that's what J tells me! But she is annoying me. She has a little crush on my hubs and I am annoyed by her. 

Man! I need to cheer up! All these little things are weighing me down. Maybe a little girl time this weekend will be just what the doctor ordered. The message from church this weekend seems to be a little too fitting for me. Matthew 5:9 God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called children of God. I am pretty sure that this is all an opportunity for me to work towards peace, choose to be peace-filled, and empathize with others. I am sucking a little at being peace-filled. Gonna be working on it some more. 

Ugh... Gonna go work on it. 


P. S. Here is a picture of Husband's latest ink:


♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

I'm sorry hun. we all have those days when people just get under our skin. As for your very rude co-worker who likes to pick at what you where...well the next time she says something rude about your appearance I would simply say, "Well you don't have to like it! I do and thats why I'm wearing it, and frankly I don't care for your opinion." Then turn on your heel and leave her feeling like an idiot! Lol. I can't stand people who do that stuff, its so rude and shows how insecure they are that they have to pick other people apart! I hope your feeling better soon!! :)


Amanda said...

woah, i would so not be okay with some chick being my hubby's biggest fan, so I feel you there. Id be giving some girl a talking to. haha!

KelseyC said...

I completely agree with you about people telling you they're trying to get pregnant. "I don't want to know about your sex life!" is what I want to say too. Sorry about the rude coworker--hope it gets better soon!

Amanda said...

Oh girl! I feel your pain in all of this! Call me on your lunch today!