Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things that I love!!!

I am feeling pretty grateful these days so I thought I might share what's been on my heart lately that has been making it feel so full.

1) My lovely husband. He has been calling every night. It feels like we are dating again. And that has been YEARS. He is pretty much amazing. 

2) My friend MP turned me onto Aveeno. For some reason my face decides to become allergic to things after about 2 months. Here's to hoping Aveeno stays around for a long time! So far so good, but it's only been about two weeks. 

2) Bare Minerals. Again, MP turned me on to this along with my MoLaw and one of my Aunties. AMAZING. Totally worth the money. It is pretty much the best makeup I have EVER put on my face. 

3) My family. My whole kit and kaboodle family. I know they are all thinking about J and I, and they are praying for us. They are all helping me get thru this time with out J and I am so appreciative of them. Right now I am not so great at answering phone calls or keeping in touch, but they love me anyway. Thank you!!

4) My MacBook. Hubs bought this for me for our Anniversary (only a few days away!) It's pretty much amazing! Even though I can't figure out how to use it half the time. In love!!

I am so blessed!!! 


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