Monday, June 14, 2010

I've been ousted...

By my hubs. I guess this is what happens when I send the hubs my computer. He found it on the google chrome (love google chrome!) and started reading my blog.  And then he called me up and giggled at me! Rude Hubs! =) Ok maybe he didn't giggle. He laughed. Out loud! And then he said he was happy for me that I have somewhere to talk about what's going on in my life. 
Well J, if you are reading this...Love you favorite!!!!!

J's dad and I got together a care package for J. I made some brownies (one of my favorite things) to send to J. I am not sure that he will really love them, but he will love that I sent them to him. I think he is really missing home right now. I wish that I could be there with him, but soon enough. 

Can I just tell you all how amazing my husband is? I wrote him a letter of 100 reasons why I love him and gave it to him when he graduated basic. Since he has been in A School I get a text every morning from him. It's his list of 100 reasons why he loves me. I cannot think of a more perfect way to wake up every morning. 

I am not sure if any other MilSpouse feels this way, but knowing my husband before the military and knowing him now, he is a totally (well not totally) different person. All of his amazing qualities have been amplified. And all of his annoying qualities have diminished. He has really embraced his J-ness. And I love J when he is being himself. It is easy to get caught up in being someone else or acting like your not-so-amazing friends and lose yourself. J is back and better than ever. He is the most amazing husband and more importantly he is my bestest friend. He is my favorite. 

So J... If you are reading this, I love you more now that I did on the day we got married. Thank you for being my fabulous husband.

Love ya J Money!!!!


♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

awww thats sweet! My hubby reads my blog too and sometimes he tells me how funny it is (especially if I'm ranting about the navy ticking me off). I like that he finds it interesting enough to read. Also I couldn't agree more about the "changes" your hubby goes through after bootcamp. My husband was so sweet and loving...I think it really opens their eyes to the blessings they have and makes them be thankful! He is definitely a better man and husband because of the navy! :)

Meesh said...

Hi! New reader! And my husband just recently joined the army, so I 100% get what your saying about their own true qualities being amplified! :)

Kayla Sue said...

I totally agree with the change they made after entering the's so apparent! That is the sweetest way to wake up:)

Bella said...

I love everything about that. I can't wait to get that back!

KelseyC said...

That is so cute that he does that! :)