Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Terribly Un-Crazy...

Normally my life is a little bit crazy. Everyone has a crazy life. But I feel like I have been so boring these past few weeks. Nothing to blog about. No funny or stressful stories to share. My co-workers aren't annoying me in funny ways. Blah is how my life has been. And there is nothing fun happening in the very near future that I can blog about. But I am excited to note that J and I made a "plan" for me to move to WA. Now this plan hinges on the Navy sending J to WA on the exact dates that they said he would be there, that he doesn't deploy right away, and that I can *maybe* find a job right away. So basically I am pretending to have a plan knowing full and well that this plan is going to be blown to smithereens at some point because even a newbie like me know that something will always come up and plans will always change. 

But at least I have a plan! (HA!)


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Mrs. Gambizzle said...

Awwww well maybe you will be lucky and it will work out. i know how it felt, I couldn't stand not living with my husband when we first got married we just barely moved in together four months ago! Good luck with your plan!