Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Totally Not Entertaining...

But I'm gonna post about it anyways because... I do what I want!!! =)

I am super duper stoked. A few days ago, J and I paid of our last and final credit card! I can't even tell you how freeing this feels. All of our extra money gets to go towards savings and fun things. Finally we will be able to buy things we want and not have to wait because we have to put money towards our credit cards...oh wait, that's what got us into trouble in the first place!  I am hoping from this point forward, out credit cards will only be use to pay bills and get gas so we can earn rewards points (thank you USAA and Costco!).  

And now that we have paid off our darned credit cards (cross that off the list) we get to start on goal #2 for this year which is have an emergency fund of 6K. So far we are about 1/3 of the way there. Whoop whoop! All in all, we are doing pretty well. We are on track to hopefully get the e-fund up to snuff by the end of the year. Then we get to move on to saving for fun things (like vacations and motorcycles) and double our e-fund. Yay! Numbers make me happy. Especially when they keep going up!

Sorry that this is not a very exciting post, but with being paid today and all the financial stuff going on in our life I just needed to get this part off my mind... And not bore my hubs with it any more!!! 

Love and God Bless!!!


Amanda said...

i think it's so exciting!!! it really is the most freeing feeling, like a HUGE weight has been lifted off of your shoulders!! congrats!

Samantha said...

Congrats on getting your credit cards paid off! Such a huge accomplishment! You two sound like you're on the right track to savings. I've never had a credit card to pay off (my hubby and I got into the habit of paying ours off a few times a month so it doesn't add up), but we recently paid off my car loan and that was the BEST feeling ever! Oh, and don't you love the credit card rewards? We always cash ours in for Visa gift cards! :)

Meesh said...

I agree with Amanda!! That is UBER exciting news!!

Blessing said...

Oh dear...you did what is right for you and your family, Kudos to your husband for going well with the plan to be debt free, you are lucky. Some men wont care. I pray this is the beginning of many more blessings!!!

Musings Of An Army Wife

L said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies!!!

Blessing - I am sure that I care about it more that my hubs, but I am lucky enough that he a)lets me do whatever I want (that is good for our family) and b)he goes along with it. I am pretty lucky!!!