Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things that make my life HAPPY!!

To go along with "choosing to be happy" I thought I might blog about things that make me happy:

Skyping with my husband
Coffee in the morning (lots and lots of coffee)
Stilettos and Jeans
Soy chais
Food (in particular bacon, banana pancakes, kilbasa sausages, and everything you would find at a BBQ)
Hiking with my chetl'u
Girls night in
Sitting on the couch at the end of the day with my hubs just talking and unwinding.
Sunshine and warm water
Walks with the dogs
Cooking with the hubs

What makes you happy?



KelseyC said...

Mmmm soy chais and coffee...

What makes me happy:
-sunny days
-a smile from a stranger
-cherry coke
-a great conversation
-seeing the stars!

Meesh said...

mmmm food - food makes me very happy these days
lying in the sun with a good book
watching terrible tv (don't judge)
writing letters to my husband
feeling the baby move
hanging with my friends (especially if it involves eating)
shopping - I find retail therapy a great way to cope with Mike being away

Mrs. Muffins said...

Several of the things you listed make me happy too :)

My baby girll -- um, everything about her.
Snail mail!
My kitties!

L said...

Umm I also love Sushi (Kelsey), terrible tv (Meesh) and snail mail (Mrs. Muffins)

Ahhh.... Love love!