Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crazy life...

So now that I am finally (after 3 days) getting excited about my upcoming move to Washington (still TBD) I find myself thinking "Why not add some more crazyness to my life?" And that crazyness would be going back to school. 

A few years (man time flys!) I took a "break" from the local community college. I decided that because I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life I shouldn't waste my time and money to just go to school because that's what I "should" do. Well now I know what I want. Or at least a semblance of what I want. And that is a BA in Business Administration. Or something along those lines. Fairly generic, I know, but it will get the job done. 

So I am thinking of University of Phoenix. And it all seems pretty sweet. Especially the fact that there should be a campus "fairly close" (only an hour and a half or so away). Should I be in dire need of some face to face tutoring it would be do-able. The only things that are holding me back are A)Money. I am not sure that I want to take out loans to pay for my schooling. I am riding the "hate all debt" train right now. And B) It seems like UofP might be looked down of because it is an "online college" and definitely not a prestigious school. After you are in the work force it would seem like it wouldn't matter, but getting that first job after school it would seem that things could way heavily on where I went to school. 

Any ladies have any thought on University of Phoenix? Heard good things? Bad things? All input is appreciated! =)

Alright, Night now loves!


Jessica said...

I do my school through American Military University. It's much cheaper than most other online schools (including University of Phoenix), and the people are absolutely awesome. You should check it out, seriously! As a Military Spouse, you have access to $6000 to be used for tuition. At the moment, you they aren't able to make any new accounts, but as soon as Obama's idiot choices are reversed, it should be back up and running! Take a peek...

Sarah said...

My dad recently graduated from U of Phoenix and other than being annoyed with "group projects" with other students, he enjoyed it. They're a little more strict about log-in times and involvement with other students than I preferred so I went a different route. Check out I take classes through Western Governor's University and LOVE it. It's more independent and competency based so you can control how quickly you get your degree!

Oh, and I think you have a beautiful blog!