Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little Summer Love...

It has FINALLY warmed up here. This weekend was in the 90's and it was amazing!!! Saturday started out with Bob Barker and I going on a walk and then some coffee and a good book on the back porch before it got too hot. Can you say relaxing?
This would be Bob "Barker"
After that was the bridal shower that would never end (not that I am complaining, remember?). We started decorating and setting up at about 11. It started at 1 and the bride to be may or may not have been late while we were entertaining everyone. We did great though =) Then I had made plans to go to a BBQ and beer tasting festival with my family around three. Thinking that the bridal shower would take about 2 or so hours. Nope, didn't leave there until 5:30, though the shower was pretty much over by three. What did we do for the next 2 and a half hours? Not really anything. And I carpooled with a friend so I was pretty much at her mercy. I finally did get to the beer and BBq festival and it was a ton of fun. We sat and listened to the band, Jeffy Pants (J's Uncle) and I tasted some beers together and then sat at my aunties house drinking vino and eating yummy bean dip. I ended up getting to do all the things I needed to do on Saturday, so it was a good day all in all.

Then today (Sunday) was amazing. Watched the church service online with the hubs ( if you are interested), drank my coffee, did some summer-wear shopping (yay!) and FINALLY got to hang out by the pool. So the majority of my day was spend lounging around the pool. Now I am no longer white, I am off-white! While my husband gets black, I barely get brown. It really isn't fair. Gotta love my sexy husband and his tan skin though! I'm jealous. =)

And now I am off to another great week. I am counting down the weeks (and days) till I see my husband. Maybe only 4 more weeks? Maybe more? But totally do-able! I can not wait to be reunited with my husband. Not only is he my best friend, but he is a sexy fox! I can't wait to just hang out with him again. The thing I am missing the most right now is just relaxing with my husband. Hanging out on the porch drinking coffee, walking the dogs and going hiking, just anything would be fantastic at the point. Soon though!!! =)

This is taken from our honeymoon...Our favorite place on earth, 
can't wait to go back! Though any beach with some sunshine 
would be amazing at this point!


Amanda said...

what a cute little dog!

L said...

Haha! Thanks! He is a dachshund mix. He is a little (or a lot) on the chubby we call him my chubby wiener. My lab is much prettier. Love my puppies!!!

Meesh said...

aww that was a great post :) made me all fuzzy inside haha - and I can relate to the bride-to-be showing up late for her shower ... it was the first day my hubby was home, and I was VERY annoyed that it ran late (not that I'm complaining!! :)

Mrs. Wifey said...

I know how you feel especially been away from your husband, going through that too, it sucks.

That honeymoon view looks really nice. We didnt get to have an honeymoon, but we hope to do that soon.

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