Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meal Planning...

Since living with my in-laws I hardly cook. And while not cooking is amazing, I feel like I am starting to forget how to make all of the things I learned how to cook with the hubs. And J really dislikes eating the same things week after week. I had a brilliant idea to put all of the meals that I make down on one (or several) sheets of paper so once we are reunited I will remember that I know how to cook more than Spam and rice. So today I sat down and typed out pretty much all of the things I know how to cook. And what a sad little list it is. So now I am begging asking my MoLaw to teach me how to cook some of J's favorites. Today we made Enchiladas. Yum. I am stoked to know how to make these. He loves them, I love them, and while the may not be good for us I am excited to know how to make these for special occasions. 

Now I have to go thru my recipe book and add all of the things I have forgotten. Thank you Mom for buying me a recipe book as a wedding gift. I am forever grateful!

What do you do to keep from making the same things over and over again? And what are your hub's favorite meals?

Love ya home slice!!


Amanda said...

that's so sweet of you!
i really need to learn how to cook, haha!!

Meesh said...

"Home Slice" - love it

When Mike is home he cooks - case closed for me lol

Peace Out xo