Monday, June 14, 2010


I get to go in late to work today! Yay! Except boo that it means that I have to work late... Or late-ish as the case may be. Oh well.

So as I sit here, downing my morning coffee (what good morning doesn't start with coffee???) I am contemplating my future. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. I really need to stop and just live in the moment but since I am already here I'm just going for it. 

I wonder how my life will change once we are fully in the Navy. And by that I mean living on (or near) a base, surrounded by other people in the military. I actually wonder a little on how my posts will change. Hmmm... I should probably stay a little anonymous just for the fact that I don't want to really tick people I know off.

On that note, another blogger mentioned that they have been censoring themselves a little bit in their blogs. And I have to say I AGREE!! I totally censor myself on here. There are a few people in my real life that read this and I am not sure if I want them to know EXACTLY what is going on in my little head at all times. Some things are just a little too personal. Or I don't want them to disagree with my opinion on my life or the choices and decisions that my hubs and I are making. For this reason I do not talk about blogging to me co-workers, most of my friends, family (except hubs, tho he has never seen this, and my mom). Sometimes I complain about them and I don't want them to know =) This is my place to vent and ask questions and just let myself think. And I don't think I want everyone I know to be apart of that. Basically I am saying that I don't want to hurt any one's feelings, and change any one's opinion of me. That is mainly why I blog anonymously. That, and there are CREEPERs out there. =)

Now I have to go get ready for work... Thanks for listening to my ramblings!!! This is totally how I am before I get my full intake of coffee. YUM! =)

Love ya homes!


Blessing said...

Honey dear, I am doing thesame thing wondering what my life will be like from here on out. Hubby is in BCT and then off to Officer Candidate School, I am not sure how I will love it when i am fully living the army life. I am not scared, I am just worried for my daughter. But I guess we can encourage each other, thats why we blog and have bloggy friends. Hang in there dear -:)

Musings of an Army Wife

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

I agree and am in that transitional period as well. We're doing our first pcs move next month and I wonder what it will really be like to live so far away from family and friends and to have my whole life change! It will definitely be an adventure! :)