Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Word to your...Father (and some other things)

Father's day is coming up this weekend and I'm not gonna lie, Father's day stresses me out a little. I love my dad, dearly, but some times he acts a little more like my "free loving" uncle than my Dad. It's a bit of a complicated relationship. But the reason that Father's day stresses me out is that I don't know what to get him. To be honest, I don't want to get him anything except a card. Really? Father's day is one of those "made up holidays" that I am usually all for and participate in but for some reason I am just not feeling it. Ugh... I suppose I would have to explain my teenage/young adult/early 20's years to have it make sense and I am just not going to go there. So instead I am going to just think about it a little more. 

Karissa @ Being a Better Wife had a guest blogger, who blogged about becoming a better wife by becoming closer to God. And I just have to say, how freakin' true is that?! And it's not just being a better wife. I am a better friend, co-worker, wife, and person when I am closer to God. When I emerse myself in His word, and wait for the answers to my questions I am so much better off than charging ahead on my own without asking what His will is for me. So, in honor of Being a Better Wife, I am going to give my relationship with my physical father to my Heavenly Father. Let him guide me on how to create a peaceful relationship with my dad and maybe, just maybe show my Dad the light of Christ. I am going to ask God to be the center of my relationship with J. Pray that God wil guide my tongue with my friends and co-workers so I can use my words to build them up and not break them down. 

Phew!!! Feeling like I am needing a little extra work on my character. Grreeaat! 

Love to my homes!

P.S. J and I are thinking of doing a couples devotional. Does anyone have a suggestion? I have heard about Night Light and that is the only one on the list so far. Also, as a MilWife I heard Faith Deployed is good. Any thoughts? THANKS!!!!! <3

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