Thursday, September 8, 2011


Sometimes, when it rains it pours... And September is raining family!
Labor day was filled with my family. My aunties and uncle, mom, brother, sunshine, lots of laughter, food, and most of all fun. So many sweet memories made over a terribly short weekend.

This weekend J's family is coming up again. And as usual, their visit will be much too short. This weekend shall be another sunny one. It feels like summer has finally reached my little corner of the world!

The next week J's grandparents will be coming to town. It will be nice to show our little town to a fresh set of eyes. I really enjoy being a tourist in my own town. And it seems as though we never take the time to really explore until we have people visiting.

We have the best of intentions for touring our little town and spending much of the weekends out doors, but something always seems to come up. Generally in the form of lazing on the couch. Oops!

So here I am, enjoying these last few weeks of summer, finally getting my act together and enjoying all there is to enjoy here in our little military town.


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Jen said...

Sounds like you have been keeping busy and having a great time!!