Friday, September 16, 2011


Oh my dear. Has it really been 5 months? Because I am pretty sure it has only been 5 weeks. Seriously. How on earth does time fly this fast?

Well, my little baby ninja, you are getting so big! At your last appointment you are 14.7 lbs and 24.75 inches long. 25-50% for height and weight and then that darn noggin of yours is still 90th percentile!

You are not yet rolling over, but you are SO CLOSE. You like to get all the way on your side and have both shoulders touching the ground, but then roll your self back over because you know you don't want to be stuck on your tummy. Smart! You are reaching for some of your toys when we hand them to you, and love to stick everything in your mouth. You like to "stand". And you love facing forward when we hold you. Your head is getting so much steadier during tummy time and when we we sit you in your bumbo.

You laugh ALL THE TIME. And you think I am funny, but you think Daddy is HILARIOUS. He seriously cracks you up. You blow raspberries all the time and babble constantly.

At night you are sleeping from 7:30-12:30 eat 4-6oz and then go back to bed again until about 4:30 where you eat another 4-6oz and then go back to bed until you are up for the day at about 6:30. I am missing the days when you slept thru the night, but if you are getting up since you are hungry (which you are!) I don't mind. One day you will sleep thru the night again. But I am thankful you don't ever wake up crying. Every night I wake up to you talking to yourself. I love it!

This week, we sat you in your high chair, and you were so delighted! I'm not sure what tickled you so much about it, but you had so much fun sitting in your big boy chair. We still set you in the bumbo every day or so for a few minutes, and your big ol' head is getting so much steadier! I know mama's who are telling me their babies are sitting in the bumbo easily at like 2 months...not you! You've got lots of brains to hold up!

Well baby ninja, I am so happy that I am your mom. I can't wait to see how you change over the next month.


P.S. Mommy confession: I blame my semi-messy house on my babe. True confession? It would probably look the same regardless of Hyatt.
 Also, I had no idea how big Hyatt's head was until I was changing one of my friend's little boy's clothes. I pulled the onesie over his head and his head just slipped on thru the hold. Not my baby! You have to STRETCH that onesie over my lil ninja's head. You and your 90th percentile head...makes me smile!

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