Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday's are my Favorite.

They are my favorite because it usually mean's letters from J. And I love letters. Today was especially special because I not one letter but THREE letters. And one of them was two pages, front and back. And for anyone who knows my hubs, knows that this is impressive. 

It is so good to know that he is doing fine and passing all of his tests. I love to hear about his life and what is going on. That was what my long letter was about. Also, I had a mini freak out about person that was bugging me. And after my mini freak out, I apologized but I didn't want to re-write my letter, but felt bad about my freak out. And you know what my FABULOUS husband said? He agreed with me, and I should tell that person to be nicer. Well, those weren't his exact words, but close...Sorta. He backed me up, that's all that matters. =)

You know what? Time is flying by. It is only 15 more days until I fly to Great Lakes to see the Fabulous Mr. J. I for one, cannot wait. And while I know that he will have to go to "A" School right afterwards, I am still so happy that I will get to see him for a little bit. Maybe a few days if I am lucky. This is so doable. Only two more Thursdays to go. I think I might miss looking forward to Thursday so much. Maybe I will still get letters while he is in "A" school. And hopefully I will get some more phone call. 

I love my life. I hope you love yours too!
Love and God bless!!

P.S. Can I say that I dislike this new little upgrade to blogger? It was much easier to upload pictures the old way, plus I liked the old text colors better. Any one else feel me? 


Amanda said...

I love that he learned to write you letters better! And that you got THREE letters today! Glad he backed you up! What a good hubbs! Whoo for Thursdays!!

I havent tried to blog lately! I am mad they changed it tho! I hate changes!!

Only 13 days till I see you =)

L said...

I dislike it. I feel like it is less user friendly.

Can't wait either! It's coming up so fast!

Back in HS we used to write notes all the time, but it's been about oh...5 years. I love my letters. They are the best. I'm glad he backed me up to. I miss him being here. But soon!