Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sometimes Life Is Hard..

Sometimes life is just hard. This week has felt hard for me. It was easier when J was here. Someone to share the load with. Someone to take charge of half the duties. We have received two letters from the DMV this week to register vehicles. One vehicle we sold, the other is a motorcycle something that I pay no attention to because I don't drive (ride?) it. So this week I've had to figure out how to find out our insurance information for a vehicle that I am not insured on and now I need to write a letter stating that I don't even own the other vehicle. And I have no idea who it was sold to or when, because of course I don't have a bill of sale for it. Great.

Then I get a letter from my insurance people saying that they do not believe that I need to be getting further treatment for an accident I was in back at Christmas. They apparently are not paying for any treatments that I have received since the sometime in March. Awesome. That is over $1,000 in medical treatment that I might have to pay. I still need to talk to my insurance company to see exactly what the heck is going on, but that about sums it up from the "explanation of benefits" they sent to me. I am so glad that my chiropractor did not tell me that the insurance was not paying them.

Then today I received my dress for a wedding that I will be in, in August. It doesn't fit. No way no how. Not gonna zip. I haven't gained weight (I swear!) and this is the size that they associate helping me told me I should get. But there is no way that this dress should have fit me at any point. All I can think of is that the dress she had me try on in the store was bigger. Somehow. And I signed a receipt saying that I understand that there are no returns. Great. So maybe I will get to buy two dresses. And I can't tell the bride, cause she will FLIP. These dresses needed to be ordered (correctly) back in August. Ugh....So tomorrow will be spent gong to David's Bridal trying to fix this mess.

Ugh. I wish that J was here to share the burden with me. He would know what to do. Know how to fix things. Be my shoulder to cry on. And I know that these are all little things, but they are adding up to me. And I don't want to worry J while he is at basic so this will become my place to vent. It will all become easy once again I am sure. This moment is just a little hard.

Love and God Bless,


Amanda said...

Such a hard few days for you L. Im Sorry! I wish I was there to go get a coffee with you and let you vent. I will be there on the 5th and I will see you =)

That sucks about the DMV Stuff! And the insurance telling you you arent allowed to hurt anymore(wth) I mean really. How in the world can THEY determine if YOU are still in pain? I could complain on that one.

Davids Bridal.... Good luck to you. I hope they work with you. They may be able to let it out some depending on how close it is to zipping.

Ill be sending major prayers your way.

Love and Hugs,
Me =)

L said...

Thank you friend!! It all seems like silly stuff but it's really been weighing on me. I've got my list and now I just need to take care of business thank you for your prayers! They are appreciated! Let's make a date for the 5th. No matter what we need to see eachother. Plus I'm really close to your moms now. I could walk there. I won't. But I'm saying I could =)

Prayers for you and J always!!

Amanda said...

It is not silly stuff! It is things you have to worry about on top of having to adjust to life without J. Its hard!

The 5th sounds Amazing! Or after you get back if you would rather! I am there till the 12th! Text me tomorrow and we will set something up!

Love you!