Friday, April 30, 2010

Over it.

Alrighty... Now I apologize for being a little grumpy but sometimes that's just how it is. And right now I am feeling grumpy. 

I want to talk to my husband. For more than two minutes. I want to share my day with him. I want to tell him the stupid blonde things I do at work. I am a little over this right now. 

Also, if one more person tells me about how their friend's friend's, friend who was in the military totally cheated on his wife (or wife cheated on her husband) I might scream. Do you really think that I need to hear about that right now? Not that I think J would do that, but seriously people! What is wrong with you? Do you think that your story is making me miss my husband less or feel better about the situation we are in? NO! You jerk face! 

Okay and now that that's out I feel a little better. I realize that J is only in basic, and there really isn't much we can do, I still miss him. Thankfully he graduates soon and I am crossing my fingers that I will get to talk to him more. And praying that the time goes by SO fast. 

Ahhh....Bed time! Nighty night!


KelseyC said...

I've been feeling like this a lot too lately. Don't worry and hang in there. The time will go by fast!

L said...

Thanks Lady!! It's so good to know there are other people out there going thru and feeling the same thing I am.

navywife24 said...

hey girl, trust me I feel you on the missing your hubby hubbs left in Oct 2009 for bootcamp and he graduated a-school in february 2010. So we were already apart for 4 months and we got our orders and were getting set to move. I was so happy and excited that we would finally get to be together when we were informed that he was deploying asap and we would have to wait to move until he came home from deployment. Talk about having your heart broken in two seconds!! Lol I have learned that the navy is a cruel miserable beast of a thing and as a navy wife there are many lonely nights and alot of heartache and tears. But if you really love each other and have faith in the Lord you will get through it!! We are going on seven months of being apart as of May and I never thought I could do something as hard as this. However the lord has been my strength and my rock through all the hard times and separation from my hubbs. If anything this experience has increased my faith and helped my marriage and love for my hubby grow stronger. Don't let the naysayers get to you, that kind of thing will only make the time your apart even more miserable! I say forget the negative people in your life and thank the lord for the good ones! :) thanks for following my blog..Im now a follower of yours too! :)have a blessed day!


the navy wife

L said...

Thanks NavyWife. It is good to hear from someone with experience. I've been pretty positive thru this whole experience so far. I've had a few days where I am a little annoyed with our situation, but for the most part it's been great! Well, great for not talking to or seeing my hubs.

Thank God for good friend!!! =)