Thursday, April 15, 2010

So I Feel Like A:

Jerk Face. Yup I said it. A jerk face. Here I am moaning on about how I miss my husband and how much being away from him stinks and you know what, there are tons (like bazillions) of lovely military wives out there dealing with their hublets on deployment. And what am I complaining about? Stupid Basic Training. Yep I don't get to talk to him except for maybe a letter a week, but he is safe. He is not in another country, he is a few states away.

In the giant scheme of things I really should be counting my blessings. And trust me I am. But let me tell you, those wives are the ones who are amazing. They are the ones who I look up to. And one day I will be one of them. But right now, my prayers go out to the wives of men who are serving our country. May their hubbies be safe. May they come home quickly. Lord please bless them. And comfort them. Thank you Lord!!!

Here is my verse of the day: Hope in the Lord; for with the Lord there is unfailing love. Psalm 130:7
I am always failing the expectations I have for myself when it comes to loving others. From the love that I show my hublet, to the love that I show my friends or family. I am falling short of being the loving person I want to be. But I am thankful that God is perfect. And because of him, I can try again every day. Woo Hoo!!!

Oh and P.S. Another place I fail at is taking pictures. Do you know that I took my camera in to watch my hubs get sworn in and I DID NOT TAKE A SINGLE PICTURE?!?!?! I suck.


Amanda said...

Youre allowed to be sad. I get sad when Jeremy leaves for camping with the boys. He is your husband. You are used to having him here. This whole thing is new to you. Sadness is allowed. Promise, no one thinks you are a bad person for loving and missing the hubbs. Yes you dont have to worry about him stepping on an IED or getting blown up, but this is still all new to you! Its okay to miss him and be sad and lonely.

As for the pictures, all you can do is take more when you see him next =)

L said...

I feel like this is preparing me for depoloyment. Not that you can really prepare for deployment, but if you could this would be it. I have a hard time reading blogs from military wives. I cry every time.

This time has really made me thankful that I have a relationship with God. I have no idea where I would be with out Him and where my husband would be. I know he prays constantly. And he tells me what a stronger man this is making him and how much closer he is to God. Warms my heart!!

Sasha said...

Lindsey, you are such a beautiful encouragement in your faith! Thanks for sharing that psalm. Recently I have become aware that the harder I "try" to be good, the more I am aware of my failures (and the more I fail and have insincere love rather than real God-driven love). I am trying to become more aware of grace because I continue to come up short of God's goodness every time.