Monday, April 26, 2010

Strongly Dislike...

I strongly dislike military forms...Mostly because they stress me out to fill them out. I don't want to put the wrong thing. And I never read them correctly. Ugh... I'm not even sure that I even want to fill this out. Darn you military forms. You confuse me. 

On another note, I strongly dislike not talking to my hubs. I miss his voice. I miss making him laugh. I miss telling him stories several times because I forgot I've told him in the first place. There is a reason you get married, and it isn't because you dislike someone!

On the other hand, I strongly like fruit salad (especially with cool whip), coffee ever morning, talking with my husband (even when it's only for 2 min.) and I love wearing stilettos with jeans. 
Just thinking about beautiful shoes makes me happy... Ahhh!! Now I can go to sleep in peace.

Love and God Bless!


Sasha said...

I love shoes too (just thinking about them). I look at shoes like some people look at artwork, I could just admire them for days on end and think about what I would wear with them, or how cute they look in the box but I could never pull them off. Oh, and I also love coffee every morning and fresh flowers in my kitchen. :)

Love you friend! Stay strong! 11 days?

L said...

10 days now!! Can't even wait. But it's only 8 days till we start driving to the airports. We fly out thursday morning. The only thing that would be better is actually getting to stay with him instead of leaving again. But I think this time will be easier.
Live you friend!

Amanda said...

I would love to be able to pull off cute shoes! But A.) I am 5'8 without them on. B.) I would BREAK my leg. So I will leave the cute shoes to you and Sash and I will stick with my Shox =) LOVE you both!

L said...

You are model tall MP! I love it! Ugh...My obsession with shoes is...special. I love them. Just got my shox today! First pair of running shoes I have bought since high school...They were no longer a need but a necessity. =)

Do you have anything you love as much as I love coffee and shoes and jeans MP?

Sashie, I know what you love... ME!!!!