Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Have a Passion...

For personal finance. I know. I am a weirdo. I enjoy personal finance in my own life and seeing where my money goes, and how I spend my money. I enjoy helping others find where their money is going. Pay day excites me because I get to tell my money where to go. I know, I know, I am a loser. But this is my passion and I am really not worried what others think at this point. Now I wonder how to make my passion into my work. 

Currently, I work at a bank, and it surprises me how many people have NO IDEA where their money goes, and how much money they are spending on unnecessary things. I wish that I could help people, but it's not like you can tell customers "Hello!!!! If you didn't go to Dutch Bros 14 times in the same day while you were overdrawn you wouldn't have $175 in overdraft fees! Don't be an idiot!" Sadly you cannot call customer's idiots. Even when they deserve it. I'm not sure how to marry my passion for PF, and my desire to make a paycheck. I'm sure that one day it will come to me, but for now I will ponder it. And if anyone wants any help with budgeting, balancing your checkbook, or any other similar topic, holla at your girl! 

Off to go dream about numbers...and thank God for a husband who loves me in spite of my loserish-ness!!!

Love ya!


Amanda said...

LOL L, you crack me up! Maybe you can be a financial advisor? Or an accountant. Or... hmmm... is there an investment manager job? There are lots of options, just gotta look =) Once I actually have money Ill be talking to you ;)

L said...

MP, I will tell you that when I started budgeting and keeping track of our money, we started out with a negitive net worth. Meaning we owe a lot more than we have. And while that is still a fact, and will continue to be until the housing market bounces back, J and I have come a long way (this month will be the first time EVER that we will have a positive net worth! GO US!). I had no idea how crazy our lives were financially until I put it all down on paper. A lot of this is thanks to my FABULOUS Mom who told me that you can't tackle anything until you know what you have (or don't have =) Up until J joined the Navy (and we got our first paycheck) we were basically living to pay our bills and pay off our debt. There was no room for fun, no room for lots of extras. I am happy to be in the position we are now, and I know that this will probably change once again when we get based, but for the time being I'm gonna pay off our last credit card and save for the rainy day that I know is coming soon!

Love you friend! Let me know if you ever want help. No judging, I promise! I've been there done that! =)

Anonymous said...

You are a smart cookie. And your FABULOUS mom loves you very much... I bet PF could be a ministry for you at some point, paid or not paid. Hmmm. Not sure exactly how to post this comment so I am selecting 'anonymous'. With love, from 'Guess Who'.

L said...

Thanks Mom! And what a great idea... I'll have to think on it some. Love you lots!!