Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Rock!

I forgot to mention that not only did I get my military ID today, but I also worked out, drank coffee, and was productive at work. Does this day get any better? Yes it does! I wrote my hubby a letter and am currently cuddled up with my puppies watching NCIS. Life is good. The only thing missing is J.


Amanda said...

There is Mr bobble wobble =) Glad you were good and productive today!! J will be home before you know it!! Hugs girl! Text me tomorrow when you're up! Let me know how Little bob's foot is =)

L said...

Bobble Wobble no longer Hobbles!!! He is getting better and even went on another walk yesterday. We have a goal of losing 4 pounds and we've lost one so far. Only one more to go!