Saturday, January 1, 2011

25 Weeks and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!!

I don't normally do New Year's Resolutions (I never keep them!) but I do have some goals for this year :
Keep on carrying my sweet little man in my belly
Hold sweet little Hyatt in my arms and love him like crazy!
Pay off our lovely washer and dryer/moving expenses. 
Save money for my maternity leave/day care. 
Continue to on the path to financial security. (i.e. Emergency fund, gift fund, car fund, and spend some money just doing fun things!)
Go back to school - Get my AS in Business. Or at least start finishing it!
Take time for myself after Hyatt is born on a hopefully weekly basis. I don't care if it's a bath by my self, or a walk with the dogs or a glass of wine and a few oreos. Do something for me.
Enjoy having a newborn and infant. Know that all of the hard things (like lack of sleep) will eventually pass and take the time to enjoy him while he is little. Also take advantage of all the people who want to hold him and baby sit it. 
Be genuine in my faith. I want it to be such a part of who I am that everyone who meets me notices it. Strengthen my relationship with Christ, and I know if I do that every thing else will fall into place. 

Seems like a long list, but I know I will feel accomplished at the end of the year!

I also have know that a few scary things are probably going to happen this year and I need to keep a good attitude about them. They are :
J is probably going to deploy at some point in the next 12 months. Not that we know of anything yet, but most likely he will. And I am gonna need to look at all the positive aspects of the big "D" that I can. 

I am going to have a child. And it's going to be painful. And then after I have this child I am going to have to take care of it. No more passing off the crying baby to it's parents. We are the parents!

Either find a way to be happier in the job that I have or find a job that pays more or makes me happier. Not enjoying your job stinks. Been there done that. And that starts to take a toll on my relationships, mostly with the hubs. And I want him to continue liking me. =)

How far along?: 5 Weeks, 1 Day

Total weight gain: Good question! Not gonna answer that one till Jan 21st...My next appointment. 

How big is Baby?: 9.2 Inches and 2 pounds. About the size of an Eggplant. Yum! And holy moly! He's two pounds already!

Maternity clothes?:  Loving the maternity pants! And I am still mixing and matching with everything else. Which makes me wonder....did my clothes make me look pregnant before? Hope not! Hah!

Stretch marks?: None yet....

Sleep?: Still really good. Maybe I am sleeping a little less. And I swear, on the weekends, my eyes just pop open and I am awake at like 7am. Not so much during the week when I have to get up though. 

Movement?: Lots and lots! I did a kick count the other day...and when he is moving he kicks about 10 times in less that 2 or 3 min. It's crazy! 

Food cravings?: Oranges this week. I made J go out and buy me a giant bag of oranges so I could eat them whenever I want. Yum! I have at least one, maybe two or three a day. 

Gender: Boy! 

Milestone: I might have had my first Braxton Hicks contraction today. It didn't hurt, but it wasn't enough of a tightening in my tummy to know for sure if that was what it was or I just moved in a weird way. I'm sure they will either continue or start sometime soon though.

How's Mom?: Not looking forward to my next appointment. I get to do the glucose screening test (which sounds icky...Necessary but icky). Plus I get blood drawn. Plus an Rh shot. And probably a few other things that I don't even remember. Oh yea, and I get weighed. That's a ton of fun. At least I am feeling good about my body this week! *Note to self, yoga pants or shorts with the fold over waist are AMAZING. You might want to buy like 7 pairs of these so you can wear them everyday.*


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. Makes me feel close to you. You are going to be a wonderful Mommy! You are a strong, confident, beautiful young woman; and why wouldn't you be? The living God of the universe walks beside you. :-) I love you and I am blessed to have you in my life LiLu. MoLaw

Meesh said...

I actually enjoyed the orange stuff they make you drink lol - tasted like an orange freezie