Friday, January 7, 2011

26 Weeks

Wow.....Pregnancy just keeps trucking along! I can't believe that I am almost into my 3rd trimester (next week) and then baby will be here! CRAZY!!!!!

How far along?: 26 Weeks today.

Total weight gain: Who knows. And at this point I really don't care. I feel good, and I'll lose the weight after. It may take forever, but it will come off. So as long as I'm feeling good and baby is healthy then I don't care if I gain more than the recommended amount. 

How big is Baby?: About 2 pounds and 14 inches. Still getting bigger!

Maternity clothes?: Yep. And I love em! So comfy. Still work some regular shirts in there, but for the most part, all maternity. 

Stretch marks?: None yet!

Sleep?:  Up until today, great! Woke up at 4am with a bad leg cramp. My amazing husband actually woke up and helped me pull my toes up to stop the cramp. Much better than last time when he tried to massage my foot (not helpful). And so I've been up since then. Gonna get cleaning on the house though! And then go for a walk. I'm gonna take advantage of the extra hours. 

Movement?: Yep, lots. He's a wiggle worm! If I do "kick"counts right now, it takes about 2 min when he is in his active stage. =) Love it! I'm gonna miss it when he is out of my tummy I think. 

Food cravings?: No cravings this week. Still liking all the food that isn't healthy for me. I'm trying to be good though! And I'm eating TONS of oranges. 

Gender: Still a boy, as far as we know!

Milestone: Hmm...Can't think of anything new this week. No change in the nursery, no appointment, not a whole lot going on. Still just trucking along!

How's Mom?: Good this week. Enjoying being pregnant. I know that I probably am enjoying this more than most, but I've got a lot to enjoy. Pretty much the whole pregnancy has been perfect. Hardly sick at all, only minor issues, I love food a lot, and it's super easy to take care of my little man! Love it! And that being said, I am sure that once he is here I will enjoy that much more than being pregnant. I just hope he is as easy outside of my belly as he is inside my belly. Fingers crossed! 


Bit of Blue Sky said...

If you just eat healthy and don't overeat, don't worry about the weight gain! I gained 62lbs with my daughter and the Dr.'s got onto me at EVERY appointment but my blood pressure never was high. It only took me about 6 months to get back to my pre-baby weight, I didn't starve myself or work out 24/7 to do it either. Breastfeeding helps you loose the baby weight, it helped me tons. Anyways, my point is enjoy this time! I do miss feeling my little girl kicking in my belly :)

Samantha said...

Congratulations!! I recently found out that I'm pregnant, too, and I had to laugh when you mentioned eating oranges. I can't get enough of them! My husband even jokes that I'm going to turn into an orange!