Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm pretty sure THAT should not come out of THERE!

Today was week 2 of childbirth class. Week 1 was all about the last trimester, warning signs, when to go to the hospital, and signs of labor. Plus a tour of the labor and delivery area. All pretty sweet and fun and not too scary.

Then comes week 2. All about labor, delivery and pain medication. And now all I can think is: I'm pretty sure I want my baby to live in my belly FOREVER. Do you know what the nurse calls pain during labor? Discomfort. I am pretty sure that everyone who has ever had a baby would call it pain. Who does she think she's kidding? And do you know what happens to your uterus after you have a c-section? They take it outside of your body. Yup, just pull that sucker on out. So glad I won't be able to see THAT should I have a c-section.

And then there is the pain meds. Which I'm gonna say are discouraged. Mainly because the baby takes what you take. So if you are getting happy on your perscribed narcotics, baby is happy right along with you. Which can cause breathing complications once they are born. Oh and the fabulous epidural I was looking forward to? Apparently it doesn't always numb everything. And pain free might not happen. Great. I am officially looking forward to having this baby. Okay, so holding him in my arms, yes looking forward to. All the parts before that? Not so much.

Maybe I will be totally ready to do anything to get this baby outta my belly n a few weeks, but right now? He can stay there forever.


P.s this is posted from my iPhone so I appologise for any weird words my iPhone has decided I'm trying to use.

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Kaylee said...

Oh my gosh! I love reading your posts about your birthing classes. I remember feeling the EXACT same way! I was scared to pieces when I thought about having to pop the kid out of you-know-where (and seriously, after having TWO babies, I STILL can't figure out how such a large head comes out of such a small hole!!!). But you can do it!!! It's not so bad! I promise!!! If you have any questions from a mama who's recently been there, feel free to hit me up :)