Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pregnancy Is Glamorous

Before I got pregnant, all I could think about was the cute belly, and how much fun this next step in life was going to be. Sure I had friends or perfect strangers tell me about some of the not so nice aspects of pregnancy (heart burn, stretch marks) but I had no idea how um-glamorous pregnancy could be! Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant and wouldn't change anything for the world, but there is a whole lot of "stuff" that happens when you are pregnant that just makes me laugh.

Here is my list of all the fabulous things that I never expected:
Heart burn
Acid reflux
or on the flip side, going after every meal
swelling of your feet and fingers
gaining weight in your arms (love the flab!)
your rear end spreading
stretch marks on your perfect (and paid for) boobies
a weird line down your tummy that your husband thinks is "weird"
side aches when you walk
throwing up when you brush your teeth
being out of breath after walking a flight of stairs
running your belly into things because it never used to stick out before
getting butt cramps after sitting in the car for too long
leg cramps
foot cramps (gave myself one the other day...awesome!)
weird dreams
randomly waking up and being AWAKE
hating coffee (the thing you love most in the morning)
craving a glass of water
craving a very specific item (DQ's mini cheesequake blizzard anyone? how about Arby's beef 'n chedder)
being crabby and hormonal and telling your husband before you actually yell at him
freaking out over dog hair
cleaning compulsion. Some days, I swear I have OCD
talking to my belly
needing to put my hand on the outside of my belly to feel kicks, even though I can feel them on the inside
eating like a very hungry man
talking about my food like I am having a love affair with it. SCARY!
hobbling around because my low back hurts so bad I can't hardly stand

Pregnancy is very weird. Most of these things I can't control, and as weird as they are I know that one day I am gonna miss it all. Crazy how much life has changed in just a few short month. And how much they are going to change once I "officially" become a mom. Maybe then I will tell you all about the strange and gross things that happen to moms.


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navynest said...

Haha! Oh boy, I'm glad I'm not the only one that freaks out about dog hair! I was just thinking last night that I don't have the weird belly line something wrong with me? :)