Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Steps Forward

I've blogged a little bit about how J and I need to save money and pay off some things. And it feels like we are finally on our way, taking what feels like a baby step to get us there.

Let me give you a little background. J and I have bought lots of cars. For me, I bought a new car about once every two years. And J has a pretty similar pattern. Between the two of us we have owned 11 cars. In about 7-8 years. Can any one say EXPENSIVE? And finally we are breaking the pattern, with one last car purchase.

We just traded in my 2008 Honda Civic coupe (not terribly baby friendly) for a 93 Toyota 4Runner with room to spare. And the reason that this was the best financial decision for us, is that it will be paid off in just over a year (if we stick to the payments we've been making - which we can afford) or less if we get a nice tax return that I am crossing my fingers we will get (last year it was like $400, and I all really care about is not owing....anything else is BONUS!)

So....Paying off a 2 door car in 2014, or paying off a 4 door (4X4) SUV in 2012.....I am thinking we made the right decision. As long as we continue to maintain the 4Runner, we should be way ahead.

And then we can work on paying off our Kia (my new mommy-mobile!) And then be CAR DEBT FREE!!!

Can you imagine? I am soooo passionate about paying off our cars right now, that I know we are going to make it happen. And J and I have a pact that whichever of us wants to buy a new car, the other is going to slap them silly talk them off the ledge remind that person of our goal for our life. And how that goal is heavily weighted on being completely debt free.

And we are gonna do it! And I am excited about it!


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