Monday, January 3, 2011

Keeping it real here...

There is something that has been bothering me. A lot. And I am super pregnant and easily annoyed. And this whole situation just amps up my annoyance.

So what am I annoyed with? Adult/Pregnancy Acne.

I blame you Mom. I still love you. But I blame you =)

I swear that I broke out all of maybe 5 times in high school. And since I turned ohhhhh 20 or so I feel like there has not been a day where I did not have at least 1 pimple of my face. And usually it's a whole cluster.

Awesome. Way to make a girl feel pretty with her expanding belly (and buns and boobies and what-not.)

I feel like I have tried everything to keep it under control. And nothing works. It looks like it's starting to work....and then nothing. Everything stays the same.

And I am sick of caking make-up on my face. Because seriously? It's doesn't look good.

Maybe one day I will grow out of this. Or find the magic combination of crap to put on my face to make it pretty. But until then, me and my pregnant self will be annoyed.

Stupid acne....You can go away anytime now. THANKS!


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