Friday, January 21, 2011

28 Weeks

Officially in the 3rd trimester! Less that (hopefully!) 12 weeks to go. And that makes me both super excited and super freaked out!

Had my 28 weeks check up today....Not my favorite appointment by far. I've gained a ton of weight. Drank a yucky drink that made me feel yucky (but thankfully I did not pass out, throw up, or get explosive diarrea!), got more blood taken, got a shot, waited a ton, and didn't get to see the little man. If there is anything wrong with my blood work, they will give me a call next week. If nothing is wrong, I'll just go to my next appointment like normal. And to be honest, I am not worried about having gestational diabetes or not. If I have it, then I'll deal with it. No biggie. If not, no biggie.

Last week of the 2nd Trimester....Holy crap where did the time go?!?!?!

How far along?: 28 Weeks

Total weight gain: 26 pounds. HOLY FREAKING COW. But, I know that some women (me) gain more than others. My mom and aunt both gained well over 30 with all of their babies. My mom, 50 with her 1st and 35 with me. My aunt gained about 40 each time. Maybe this is me too. But I did learn more about how the body processes carbs today and since I have been eating a ton of carbs, I am probably not processing them as well as I used to and need to cut back. No more cereal/bagels/toast for me! At least not very often. 

How big is Baby?:  2 and a half pounds. Wow! And strange to know that babies grow at different rates now, so he could be a little bigger or smaller. 

Maternity clothes?:  Lots and lots and lots. And they are so comfy!

Stretch marks?: Maybe of my boobies...But you would think, with how much they have already grown over a short period of time that they would be immune to stretch marks. Who knows. They could be dark veins also =) Sorry, TMI!

Sleep?:  Hmm.... Lots of let cramps. Not sleeping as amazingly as I was, but still pretty darn good. 

Movement?: Lots and lots! And my little perfect man kicks mostly in my sides or my belly area and not on anything painful like my ribs and hips. Hopefully he will be this perfect outside the womb (particularly by sleeping thru the night!)

Food cravings?: Nothing particular. I am trying to eat more protein though so I feel full longer. 

Gender: Still a boy, as far as we know!

Milestone: Officially in the 3rd trimester. Finished my glucose screening test. Oh, and we figured out our little man's name! But that will be a secret until he is born and we announce it to everyone. Gotta keep something a surprise!

How's Mom?:  Today was a REALLY hard day for me. My appointment put me in a bad mood and I had a really hard time snapping out of it. I was crabby, impatient, and emotional. Great! The first thing that was hard, was my weight gain. I know that it is stupid. And it is just a number. And apparently that number means a lot more important to me than I thought. It's a stupid number for crying out loud! And I am going to try to not let it get to me anymore. I feel really good. And I feel like I know which foods I should eat more of, and which I should eat less of. And baby is good. That is truly all that matters! 
My whole appointment was not fun. I ran into some girls that I try to avoid, and they kept popping up wherever I was next (appointment, pharmacy, lab, back at pharmacy). They aren't very nice girls, and they would make some sort of rude comment every time they walked by me. (HELLO high school!) So, I ignored them, but I think my appointment would have been a little more peaceful had I not seen either of them. 
Glucose test = not so much fun. The drink wasn't soooo bad.....But it made me feel so yucky afterward. And the nurse reminded me that should I puke, they would just reschedule me. And that made me want to puke. And then I alternated between super hyper and wanting to pass out. Not a fun feeling. 
Got my Rh shot. Super important for baby and I, but really? Who in their right mind likes shots. 

Ugh! Glad it's over! And I am now onto the weekend!


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