Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scatter Brained!

Happy 1.11.11 y'all!!!!

So we are 11 days into this brand spankin new year and I am already a little scatter brained! I blame pregnancy, but in all honesty, it's probably just me.

In attempts to keep myself, the hubs, and the lil man organized this year I am going to try to follow a few guidelines:

Write everything down in the check book - I finally did this today and I can't believe how much (not really all that much, but more than I thought!) money we have spent on "stuff" so far. And this goes beyond what our normal "allowance" is. Granted, some of the stuff will help us stay organized, but still! Personal finance 101: Write everything down! Hopefully I can balance our checkbook weekly (or at least make sure I've written everything in there) to keep us on track this year.

Clean out closets - I really want to get rid of some crap stuff that is just hanging out in our closets. The only problem for me is that I'm pregnant. And what if it fits when I am no longer pregnant. Don't worry about the fact that I haven't worn it in 2 year...I might!

Use the storage bins that I just bought at Wal-Mart (for $4.44!!!) - I bought several of these because, hey they are like dirt cheap! And also because I really do want to store some stuff in something other than paper boxes. I bought two for the lil man to keep his clothes in that he won't be big enough for or things that he won't use until he's older. The hopes is that I can wash everything, put it in nicely labeled totes, and once he is old enough or big enough to fit into (or play!) with these things, I can pull them out and then put the clothes he's grown out of in boxes to give away.

Contain my piles of random crap stuff - I have a problem. I can not get rid of ANYTHING. Especially if it is paper. I keep bills, cards, coupons, magazines, and random things sent to us in the mail. I try try try to go thru everything once it's opened and shred/recycle what isn't needed but I still manage to acquire piles of stuff. So on my recent Wal-Mart trip I bought a cute white bin to leave on our kitchen counter (where the piles accumulate) and any time my piles get too full for the basket, I have to go thru it and get rid of stuff. So far this is working!!!

Keep up on my Google spreadsheet - I keep track of all of our bill payments and how much we own on things (like credit cards and cars) in google. And I haven't been so diligent in checking it and updating it monthly. And in keeping in step with that, our credit card bill hasn't been going down =( And I am pretty sure that this is related (okay I know it's related...) So I am vowing to update my debts on my google spreadsheet monthly. I'm pretty sure that's not a lofty goal. 2011 is the year we are gonna pay stuff off and keep it that way! (uh...fingers crossed!)

Ohhh.... I just ordered our first set of cloth diapers today! I am sooooo stoked. Except for the fact that we might be getting some pink diapers for our baby boy....Oops!!! I am hoping they get my (several) emails stating that I do not want pink. And hopefully only blue and white ones arrive. I'll let you know!!!


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