Thursday, December 23, 2010

24 Weeks

Not much change this week.... Officially I don't "turn" 24 weeks till tomorrow, but with Christmas Eve and all, I know that I won't be posting. So here it is!

How far along?: 24 Weeks. Officially 6 Months. Which means officially only 4 to go....

Total weight gain: Still don't own a scale. I am gonna pretend that I have gained under 20 till my next appointment. Maybe positive thinking will help =) 

How big is Baby?: 12 inches and over 1 pound. Still tiny!

Maternity clothes?: Still mixing and matching, but mostly all maternity pants. Thankfully he is still pretty high that I can get away with regular jeans on occasion. As long as they are unbuttoned when I sit down. 

Stretch marks?: Not yet!

Sleep?: When I am asleep, fantastic. It's the getting to sleep part that is hard.   

Movement?: Just starting to see him move from the outside. But apparently it's very light and almost looks like me breathing because J doesn't see a thing. 

Food cravings?: One day I eat normal, the next I want to chew my arm off...Or eat all the fudge in the break room. Then I have days like today where I am stuffed for hours after I eat lunch. Weird. Also weird, I am drinking a TON of water. Like today, when I drank 72oz at work (9-5). And now I am STILL thirsty.  Hmm.... Gestational Diabetes? Or just random water cravings? We shall see in about a month!

Gender: Boy! And he is still not named. For now, J's family is calling him Hyatt which will probably be his middle name. 

Milestone: 6 months! One more month down. It's weird to think that in a few short months instead of having a squirming baby in my belly, I'll be holding him in my arms. Also, we bought a crib for the lil man. Yay!

How's Mom?: For the most part doing great. I had a day where I just wanted to ball my eyes out because I miss my job at home, I miss my friends, and I miss just being home, but thankfully that only lasted a little while. I am excited for Christmas because baby Hyatt has some presents under the tree and I can't wait to see what he got =) 

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Meesh said...

Merry Christmas to your expanding family! xo