Thursday, December 9, 2010

22 Weeks

So after my last ultrasound, the tech changed my "weekly date" to Friday. So, tomorrow I will officially be 22 Weeks. Not that this changes my due date at all, but it changes the date I do my updates. 

How far along?: 22 Weeks!

Total weight gain: Up only 3 lbs! I am right around 139 now. And fingers crossed, I'll stay in the 150's when I have the baby.  

How big is Baby?: Still right around 1 lb. Baby is about the size of a spagetti squash. Yum!

Maternity clothes?: Love maternity clothes! Ahhhhh so comfy!

Stretch marks?: Not yet!

Sleep?: When I sleep it's GREAT. I am having problems going to sleep though. Instead of being tired and going to sleep at 10, its more like 12 now...Weird.  

Movement?: Lots! And getting stronger!

Food cravings?: Thankfully my appetite is mostly back to normal. Though I wish all the See's Candy at work would go away!

Milestone: We are officially having a boy! I am so in love with my lil man already! J and I have decided to postpone naming our baby till we are in the hospital. Or at least telling people what his name will be. Too much drama and I think that it will make it less stressful for me/us if we tell people after he is born. But, his middle name will Be Hyatt. That much we do know!

How's Mom?: Still getting over this cold. It's hanging on! So glad I got to talk to my doctor about the medications/vitamins that I was taking. All were fine to take and baby and I are both great. I LOVE my doctor. He makes me feel at ease about everything. Love it!


Meesh said...

CONGRATS!!!!! yay little boys :)

Anonymous said...

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