Monday, December 6, 2010

The easy part of the military...

So far it has been easy to fall in to the false sense of security that the military brings. My husband work 7-4 Monday thru Friday. Some weeks he has duty. No big deal. I forget that part of being in the military is deployments.
One the the guys that J works with got assigned to a carrier today. And found out that he will be deploying for 14 months. And while he is excited stoked happy as a clam to be deployed for that long (he's single).  And it has me thinking. What if J deployed for that long? Our baby would be almost 2 by the time he came back. He would have only had a few months to be a hands on daddy. This part of the military isn't "fair." But it's what we signed up for.
I need to remember the reality of the job that J has taken. Why I am so proud of him. And how amazing this is for our family as a whole. Yes there are things that stink. But I need to remember all of the amazing things that the military has brought us. And if he does deploy, yay for extra money! And if he deployed for that long HELLO! I get to move home!
Right now I am going to enjoy the easy parts of the military and prepare myself for the downside.
I love that my husband is in the Navy. And I know this is and always has been a part of God's plan for us. And I know He will never steer us wrong.
He makes good on all His promises!

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Bit of Blue Sky said...

Your positive attitude is inspiring :)