Tuesday, December 7, 2010


FYI, I am whiny and pregnant. Not a great combo!

I love that my husband now has a steady job with a company he loves (go Navy!), a paycheck that we can count on every month, and great benefits to go along with everything. But I do not love that I traded my well paying, good hours, steady income job for my new job. I know that I cannot have everything. But I would really love a job that pays the bills and then some. We are going to have to start day care here soon and I am pretty sure those people want to get paid. I know that I am most likely not going to find a new job at 5 months pregnant. But a girl can wish, cant she?
And since I am wishing, here is what I would like:
better pay, normal working hours (like 9-5), close to home, close to day care, in a fast paced or at least busy environment, working with people who are nice, and somewhere where I fit in.
It's not too much to ask is it?
Maybe someday!

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