Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Work Ups Have Taught Me

While J was only gone for about 3 weeks life got a little crazy there. Between the lack of sleep, crazy work schedules, and crazy daycare schedule I thought I was losing my marbles. And so I think what I've learned is that not only do I need to have a plan, but I need to have a back up plan. And then possibly a back up for my back up plan. I need to be a bit more organized, and stay on top of things a little bit better.

Firstly we need to find consistant daycare. And sadly this may mean that we have to go with a more expensive day care center as opposed to in home care. We really loved our first provider and haven't been thrilled with our second one. We are still contemplating if we would like to just find someone new or go to the center.

Secondly, we need to find back up care. (Actually before that, I need to get my hourly paperwork back from our current provider!) Possibly a friend who stays at home? I bet they would do it, I just have to ask. Maybe I will butter them up with some fall treats...

Thirdly I need to stay on track. Regardless of if it is finances, or the weekly shopping, or just keeping up on housework. A little planning goes a long way.

Anyone have any advice for surviving deployment? I know J is leaving again in a month or two so I need to be prepared!! Like any good boy scout!



Amanda said...

Hey friend. I have no advice on deployments, other than I am here if you want to call/text. There is a cool online calendar that will text you reminders of things you need to do or get done. Shopping lists and everything =) Good luck!

Amanda said...

LOL and then I dont give you the site. Its Hugs!