Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We have been SO blessed to have had the most wonderful childcare provider for my little ninja. He has been literally next door to us every day that I have been at work. And sadly it is going to come to a close in less than a week. She is taking a new job and we have to find someone new. And to be honest, she is freaking hard to replace.

One thing that I loved about our neighbor is that A) she is our neighbor and a friend and B) her house is freaking spotless and chloroxed on a regular basis. and C) she loves and adores my son.

I am so sad to be looking for someone new because she is really irreplaceable. So right now we are on the hunt for someone new, and they just aren't stacking up. And they are much further away than next door. I am praying for the right person to come into our lives.

And hopefully they come soon! Because we have less than a week to get H into a new home.


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